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Heads Will Roll: Reforged Waifu Tier List

In this tier list, I’ll be covering and rating all the romanceable girls in the game and ranking them from the lowest to the highest. All opinions of the girls in this guide are the subjects of my view, yours might be entirely different from mine and that’s fine! I like Oranges while you might prefer Grapefruits and thats fine!

Heads Will Roll: Reforged Waifu Tier List

Heads Will Roll Reforged Waifu Tier List

Currently, there are 7 girls that you can romance and have a relationship with, ingame 🙁

They are in order on the first time you will meet them in your playthrough:
First, Cecilia and second, Eva.

the next 5 girls depend on the choices you made either Embarking back to England or Becoming a mercenary in France.

England Route:

  • Alyssa
  • Lina

France Route:

  • Olivia
  • Anna
  • Emma

Read the Introduction? then let’s get on to the listing!

Number Seven


Starting with Olivia I gotta say, she was NOT what I expected when I got her different variety of endings.

At first, she seems to be a strong woman who is firm and decisive but really, she’s more than that, she is VERY far from being normal at all.

She prefers to hear your lies even if she knows that you’re lying than outright knowing the truth.

She is the type of girl that will lock you up in the basement and keep you forever to herself, that couldn’t ever happen because she will never do that to you, right?

She will definitely say things like “Looks can be deceiving, boy”

Overall, ill give her a rating of 6 out of covered in blood 10.

Number Six


Thankfully for me, my expectation of her is right, a noble girl who will rule with an iron fist even if it will be the detriment of her people and wanting the need for total control of her area.

She is cunning and belittles you for being a commoner even if you have climbed up the ranks to become a noble, though a lower one but still.

She definitely has the character of a potential ruling high-ranking noble, including the terrible one too.

Overall ill give her a 7 out of things checked in the Geneva suggestion of 10.

Number Five


This is most likely the first girl you’ll meet in your playthrough, Cecilia is a doctor/surgeon under the banner of the English (Though she has worked with a different faction before, I won’t go into detail about it).

Personally, I like her as she is the one who saved your life when you were in a very critical condition after a confrontation with the prologue character.

And at some point, you might as well become a doctor yourself for how much time you spend back and forth between foraging and buying ingredients and then crafting it as per her request to you.

But there’s nothing much more to her as far as I can remember (might need to play the game again on my next run and actually read more of the dialogue instead of pressing ctrl and grinding for character generation points in HWR difficulty)

I’ll give her 7.5 out of Page’s Sword 10.

Number Four


The daughter of a mayor in a faraway land, Emma is your typical noble living a lavish life, this will also affect how you build your relationship with her…

By gifting her a lot of expensive trinkets like Gold chains, Rings with gems on them and much more expensive stuff.

That’s it, that’s the only way to further increase your relationship with her, by giving her money…

I put her higher than Cecilia because you have the chance to marry her, depends on how you made your choices in the previous chapter that will affect either your staying with her or dying somewhere miserable.

She is a decent noble character though, not as scary as Olivia and not as sinister as Alyssa, a pretty good rare trait to have for a higher-status Noblewoman.

I’ll give her 8.5 out of the items i spent on her 10.

Number Three


Anna has a special place in my heart because she reminds me of Yennefer, her looks and what she does (albeit without the magic and all).

She is an Alchemist who previously worked for the highest bidder, well, previously because of what you did, you’ll figure it out yourself.

She is also very related to someone on this list, have fun figuring out who it is!

Her quest is simple enough, though one of them is QUITE difficult if you’re also trying to build a 100 relationship with someone who is related to her (tip: go get yourself something that can break armour relatively easily).

And as close as she says to you: “Families are great when buried together”

I’ll give her 10 out of the potions she gave me 10.

Number Two


This is the second girl that you’ll meet when someone in the higher up ordered you to “acquire” some wine in her estate, depending on your luck, you’ll either be fine or will end up like someone important to her (details you’ll figure it out yourself)

She is a very nice and sweet person and is very polite to you depending on how you answer her at first.

She mentions that she has a father who is VERY IMPORTANT and depending on the choices you made, suffers the same as when you first about to enter her estate and also has a lot in common with the guards in Skyrim.

Now the reason why I showed the picture of her crying is when you really feel like being evil and choose the worst possible outcomes for her that would result in her parting away from this realm.

Please, do not be cruel to her, it makes me sad 🙁

Overall, I’ll give her 9 out of her hospitality that she gave me 10.

Number One (Piece)


By far the BEST GIRL in the game objectively no doubt (Fight me in the Cesspool Of Leaked Sekrit Dokuments (War Thunder) 1 v 1 in L3’s in Poland)

Lina is a peasant girl who works as a maid for the mayor of a city somewhere in England near the border of the Roman Emperor Hadrian nightmare’s (he had to build a HUGE wall to keep them from coming through his border)

Despite being a maid, I would GLADLY clean the dishes, mop the floor, tidy the rooms, take care of the livestock and cook for her! All she needs to do is just sit back and relax.

She is a very nice person and quite adorable too!

If you want to repay for the sins you have done after choosing the worst possible outcome for Eva, you could have redemption (hopefully not dead with red all over your body) by saving her father who is in quite a predicament with some people in the higher class.

Overall, eh who am I kidding, DEFINITELY 10 OUT OF THE CUTENESS THAT SHE GAVE ME 10.

Cheers and Love!

Honourable Mentions

Grace and Glory

Though they are not romanceable, I still feel like they deserve a spot here since their character design is cool!

On the left is Grace and on the right is Glory.

Grace and Glory are Bounty Hunters that took a bounty to assassinate someone on this list under the reason of Witchcraft and Heresy (You’ll figure out who it is)

In order to be able to meet them, you have to have a good relationship with that someone and depending on the choices you made for that someone, you either kill the Bounty Hunters or take their side and help them kill that someone.

And trust me, you’ll be in a lot of suprise if you choose to help them and get a very rare achievement in the process.

I’ll rate them 8.5 out of the weapons they drop 10.

Written by Basement_Jesus

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