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Hearts of Iron IV Classic Templates that i use Against AI

In this guide I will share basic templates that I use in HOI IV against AI controlled countries!

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Classic Templates that i use Against AI

Infantry Templates

  • Classic 7/2 Infantry Template (Recommended for early game attack.)

  • Classic Pure Infantry Template (Recommended for early defence.)

  • Classic 14/4 Infantry Template (Recommended for late game.)

  • 14/3/1HeavyAromor Infantry Template (Gives your infantry template more armor and hard attack.)

Note: For garrisons you can use cheap templates.

Tank Templates

  • Cheap Early Game Light Tank Template (Use it for encircling the enemies.)

  • Early-Mid Game Medium/Light Tank w/SpArt Template (Effective against infantry divisions.)

  • Early-Mid Game Medium/Light Tank Template (Use it for both encirclement and breakthrough.)

  • Late Game Medium Tank Template (Very effective against infantry divisions.)

  • Late Game Medium Tank w/SpAA and SpAT Template (Effective against almost everything.)

Note: You can change medium tanks with light tanks but it will be less effective. And don’t put infantry divisions to your light tank templates because it will slow them down.

Last Notes

You can’t always use the same template. It depends on the situation. I made this small guide to help your SinglePlayer experience and the screenshots I showed above are classic templates also you can change or delete some support companies in early game. You can improve the templates by changing it for different situations.

If you see any mistakes in this guide please comment below so I can correct them, thanks!

Have a nice day, bye!

Written by Luckumowski

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