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Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns Naval Mechanics

This is an official, bite-sized, Youtube series from Paradox Interactive highlighting how to utilize key features introduced in Man the Guns and the 1.6 Ironclad Update.

Man the Guns Naval Mechanics

Fleet Organization

Learn about the new Task Force System and how this affects the control of your Navies in Hearts of Iron IV.

Learn about the changes to Naval Combat introduced in the 1.6 Ironclad update.

Patrol and Task Forces

Understand how to use your more fuel conserving Naval Units to do the patrolling, and have your heavier hitting forces save their fuel and engage when your patrols discover a threat.

Convoy Raiding

How to set up your navies to either raid your enemies supply lines, or to protect your own.


Learn how to utilize Naval Mines to secure control of the seas.

It’s crucial that you defend your naval invasion forces while in transit, or your invasion may be cut way short. For this we implemented the new Naval Invasion Support mission.

The Ship Designer

With Man the Guns we introduced the new Ship Designer, allowing you to further specialize your ships for optimal performance in the role in which you intend to use them.

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