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Heaven’s Vault: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Explore the lost ruins of the Nebula, read ancient inscriptions, and uncover a forgotten past in this narrative archaeological science-fiction adventure game from the creators of 80 Days.

Heaven’s Vault: Tips for Beginners

Some things to know when just starting out as an archaeologist.

1) Take your time!
There is no reason to rush the investigation. Look around, chat with your robot, try to walk everywhere – you’ll never know what interesting things might come up. There are only very few places and events in the game which give you an actual timelimit for investigating.

2) Look closely!
There are often artefacts hidden just lying about in the strangest places, but to get an investigation prompt you might need to get closer first or look at an item more than just once – sometimes there will be no marker at all and you can just walk into a hidden find.

3) You can’t go back!
Once you leave a historical site you will not be able to go return to continue the investigation. So make sure you have seen all there is to see. This also holds true for the moons Maersi and Renaki, which are only possible to visit for special events.

4) Some artefacts can be used for more than just translating, bartering or triangulating new sites:

  • daggers can be used to pry closed containers or doors open
  • keys might unlock something
  • tiles or sailcloth can be used to cover stuff up

there are a few more items that will have special effects in certain places.

5) While sailing you can stop your ship by using both sails at the same time.
Sometimes an interesting dialog might come up while you are on the rivers, it will be interrupted often by reaching a destination or finding a floating ruin, so to get all of the dialog you can stop your ship for a moment and then continue the sailing.

6) Don’t worry too much, if you are not sure of a translation.
Once you find more samples of the same word in ancient script, Aliya will tell you whether you guessed right or wrong.

7) If you get stuck
Visit Tapi on Elboreth and show him an artefact from the site you are looking for and he might have something from the same place that helps you triangulating the site. (You don’t have to trade it if you want to keep your rare item.)

Timor and Huang may also have clues for you. You can also just sail around near the site of interest and try to find more floating ruins or shipwrecks for helpful artefacts.

8) I suggest you avoid spoilers like the plague x_x
The game lives of you investigating a thousands of years old mystery and a few newer ones.

9) If you start a New Game +
Your translation dictionary will carry over and you will encounter longer and more complicated sentences from the ancient script.

Written by worstcase11

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