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Helltaker Archangel Character Guide

This manual does not contain important information. Everything is done only in my interests. Here you can learn something new about the characters of the game “HellTaker”

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Archangel Character Guide

Everything written in this manual, I: composed, invented, thought up, and also borrowed from some sources.


Commissioner – A character that occurs in Helteyker as a splash screen and grants achievements. The commissioner is different from everyone else.


The warden wears a uniform reminiscent of the style of Warhammer 40,000, in which you can dispel the dreams of golden color. Azazel. In her gorgeous roses. Carries a large golden cross on his chest. Buttons in the form of crosses can also be seen on the sleeves. (thin flexible, hard stick, rod) , most often in a braid or cover, with a handle and a slap, specially designed for dressage and racing horses, who also found a fixture in BDSM . Wearing white gloves. Among the angels there is a high title, and we have all the rights.


  • This character has no name. Some part of the community call her “Angel Commissar”
  • Unfortunately, there are very few fans of this character, which is why it’s very difficult and impossible to get illustrations on it and ENT.

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