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Helltaker Beelzebub Character Guide

Beelzebub is the first character encountered in Helltaker, and has two forms. Her humanoid form has, like most demons, white hair and crimson irises with a cloved tail, with white horns and what appear to be chitin spikes jutting through her hair. Beelzebub wears a completely crimson and white outfit, with a white undershirt, a crimson waistcoat, crimson gloves, and a long crimson blazer. She wears a lot of fly-type trinkets, bracelets, and jewelry.

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Helltaker Beelzebub Character Guide

“Here. I think you will find this form a little more comfortable to converse with.”
Beelzebub, The Great Fly

Physical description:

  • Species – Demon
  • Gender – Female
  • Eye color – Red


  • The Great Fly
  • The Sovereign of Pestilence
  • The Warden of Decay
  • The Queen Crimson
  • The Mistress of the Flies
  • The Exiled


Beelzebub in her humanoid form exhibits a grandiose and self-absorbed personality, only speaking to the Helltaker in the Abysstaker ending after listing every single one of her titles. The more disturbing appearance of Beelzebub seen in the title exhibits a more grandmotherly persona.


  • You can only see Beelzebub’s other form in the secret ending.
  • Beelzebub, in her humanoid form, exhibits fly-like tendencies, such as using a handkerchief in a similar fashion to how a fly cleans itself.
  • Beelzebub and Lucifer have an extensive relationship to each other, using the nicknames “Beel” and “Lucy” when conversing.
  • The inner lining of Beelzebub’s blazer has a fly-wing pattern.
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