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Helltaker Complete Guide (+How to Win)

A Complete Guide to HellTaker.

Helltaker Complete Guide

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All Level Walktrough with All Ancient Inscriptions

Level 1
left, down, 6 left, 2 down, left, 2 down, 2 right, 2 up, 4 right, down, right

level 2
2 up, right, 4 up, 3 right, down, 2 right, 4 down, 2 left, down

level 3
5 left, 4 down, 2 left, up, down, 8 right, 6 up

level 4 Ancient Inscription
3 down, right, 2 down, right, 2 up, right, 2 down, right, 2 up, 2 right, 2 down, 2 right, 2up

level 5 Ancient Inscription
4 down, 5 right, up, down, 3 up, left, up, 2 left, 2 up, 2right

level 6 Ancient Inscription
left, down ,2 right, 2 down, 2 left, down, 2 left, 2 down,4 right,2 up, 2 left,4 down,3 right,2 up, 4 right, 2 down, 2 left, down, 2 right

level 7
2 up,down,2 left,2 up,right,3 down,3 left,4 up,2 right,up,down,4 right,2 up,2 right,2up

level 8
right, 9 up, 2 left

level 9
right, 2 up, 4 right, down, 2 right, left, 3 up, 4 right, 2 down, 2 right, 2 up, right, 3 left, 3 up,left, up


Finish The first level

Finish level 4 without the Key

On level 6 Press L for Live advice then choose to kill yourself

On level 6 when talking to the angel choose looking for Angels

Finish level 8

finish level 9 without skipping

Beat the Boss

Collect all Acient Inscriptions in Level 4,5 and 6 then go to the Epilouge stand in the middle of the carpet and put in the combination (down, up, right, up, left, down, down, left, up, down, right,up )


1. Sorry for my Grammar (English is not my first language)

2. If the way to unlocking the achievements is not correct Sorry i had to come up with them by memory (If you know the exact way of any achievements please comment so i can fix it)

3. If you wonder where to find the Artwork and stuff after completing the Abysstaken achievement in the abysstaken ending credits is a Link and password to download it (I would like to encourage you to buy the DLC instead to support the creator IF you have the money)

How to Win

Written by CeasarMusk

Starting off

So, you wanna actually beat this game? This is going to be the most gruesome of tasks, so be prepared. This guide will teach you how to increase your IQ.

Deciding your Route

There are multiple ways on getting better at this game. Presented below, are 3 different option that you can choose to become big brain.

Option 1

1: Get a friend (This step takes some people a while)
2: Force them to play all the levels for you
3: Threaten them for the solution for each puzzle
4: Win

Option 2:

1: Figure out that you have no chance to solve any of these puzzles by yourself
2: Press ESC, and press Skip
3: Alt + F4 scrub your bad

Option 3:

1: Close out of Helltaker
2: Right click Helltaker
3: Press uninstall
4: Press Yes
5: Win


By the time you get to this point, youre IQ is so high that you dont even need a PC to play this game anymore. Good luck, HellTakers. Go gettem.

Written by M. Shy

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  1. I think you don’t need to get all the Ancient Inscriptions to get the Abysstaker achievment. I got it by having max 1 piece of those plates or whatever this is.


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