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Helltaker Lucifer Character Guide

Lucifer is the eighth demon encountered in Helltaker. She takes the role as the queen of Hell, and has the same title- “CEO of Hell.”

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Helltaker Lucifer Character Guide

“You’re lucky that I have a thing for pancakes.”
Lucifer, CEO of Hell

  • Aliases – The CEO of Hell
  • Species – Demon
  • Gender – Female
  • Eye color – Red


Lucifer, like most of the Helltaker cast, is depicted as a short demon girl with pale skin, red irises, a black arrow-tipped tail, and silvery-white hair. Her hair is long, and worn tied at the end, with bangs kept in place by a black, spiked hairband. Her horns are white and jagged, the former trait showing her incredibly old age. She has narrow eyes, underneath her left eye is a mole.

Lucifer’s high status shows in her clothing. She wears a black suit with a red collared shirt underneath, complete with white gloves, a black tie and her Sigil[1] on her lapel. In the post game, she wears the same collared shirt, but rolled up, a black apron labeled SATAN, matching with the Helltaker’s, and she puts her hair up in a messy bun.




When the Helltaker first encounters Lucifer at the end of level 8, she introduces herself saying the player is worthy by passing all of her trials, giving a offer to pledge their soul to become her most treasured slave. The player is given two options to respond with:

  1. “Yes my queen!”
  2. “No, thanks. But you can join my harem.”

If the player selects the first option, Lucifer calls the player a eager little soul. The player is given a “Bad End” screen, which says “As you knelt, she planted a kiss of your forehead, and your life melted away.”

If the player selects the second option, she will respond with what the Helltaker is accomplishing by slaving demons to his own will. The player is given two options to respond with:

  1. “Call me master. And ask for permission before you speak.”
  2. “I can offer coffee, turn based strategies and chocolate pancakes.”

By selecting the first option, Lucifer talks how she will have to teach the player their place. The player is given another “Bad End” screen, which says “She made a hand gesture, and all your blood turned into vinegar. It’s hard to explain the feel.”

If the player selects the second option, she questions how the player came all the way to there only to buy her over with pancakes. Luckily she has a thing for pancakes.


  • The brooch that Lucifer wears is a slightly-stylized version of the real Lucifer’s emblem.

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