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Helltaker Malina Character Guide

Malina is the fourth demon encountered in Helltaker, and the crew’s “salty nostalgia gamer” with a love for turn based strategy games. She is referenced to as “The Sour Demon.”

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Helltaker Malina Character Guide

  • Aliases – The Angry Demon
  • Relatives – Zdrada (sister)
  • Species – Demon
  • Gender – Female
  • Eye color – Red

“Like what… video games? Sure, why not.”
Malina, The Sour Demon


Malina fulfills her title as The Sour Demon well, and is irritable, especially in the presence of her sister Zdrada. She plays turn based strategy games, and if Zdrada is to be believed, gets turned on by them.


  • The name “Malina“ has Slavic roots, translating to “raspberry”.
  • She has a love for alcohol and drinks when she becomes stressed.
  • The bottle of vodka she holds in game is named “Rokita”, which is most likely a reference to a devil of the same name from Polish folk tales.
  • Early designs had video game inspired tattoos, but they could not be drawn consistently, so they were scrapped.
  • She likes playing Heroes III but doesn’t like Necropolis town because of being overpowered.
  • In order to play her turn based strategies, she has to pay Charon to fetch them for her from the mortal realm.
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