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Heretic’s Fork Geezy’s Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

Geezy can be a tricky Character to play. He has some different mechanics to him that have him stand out form the other characters, which might need you a bit to get used to. But, those very mechanics allow Geezy to set up an infinite turn. It isn’t easy. It will take several runs to get this combination going, but if you do then say hello to your Big Playa Achievement!

Heretic’s Fork Geezy’s Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

First off, hello and welcome! Whether you are here to gain some understanding as to how to play Geezy, or you are a Heretic’s Fork veteran who is looking to get the Big Playa achievment, you have come to the right place.

We’ll go over some of Geezy’s unique mechanics. Then I’ll show you the relevant cards to prepare for the infinite turn. Then I’ll explain how to create and maintain your infinite turn. Finally some thoughts from me.

Geezy’s Shop and You

When you play Geezy, you can’t combine cards of the same rarity to make a higher rarity one. Not even when those cards are the exact same card. However, when you do banish a card, you are awarded some coins for your waste disposal efforts.

At the start of the game, the winnings are quite slim. And buying cards is not cheap, especially when we consider the cost of refreshing the shop. For the early game with Geezy, you have to decide something quite quickly: The Plan. Whichever build and combination you are planning to get, you need to know before you might accidentally refresh those cards away.

Personally, I tend to decide on 2-3 towers I want. Based on those towers I pick what the best buff cards are, which would be those that affect at least 2, but preferably all 3 of my planned towers. A good practice is having a high speed, a high damage, and a crowd control tower, but feel free to experiment what works for you.

With the recent update, we can pick our 2 starter towers. It’s an obvious choice to play the cards again when they come around to promote your towers to blue rarity. You could, if your RNG makes this favorable, use an extra structure slot as a way to merge your starter towers up to purple rarity, since the green structure cards aren’t destroyed when played. If this is good on your run will depends on which relic options you get at the end of a stage and if you had your 3rd tower roll high in the shop early.

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Preparing for an Infinite Turn

To create an infinite turn, there’s a couple things we’ll need.
We’ll need some form of Mana Generation, which we will get in the form of playing Salvage.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

We’ll need to be able to sell cards for more gold than we bought them for, so we’ll stack some Insurance. You could play a couple Temptations to help with reducing spending as well.
Note: You will need enough gold to buy a card or two when you start your infinite turn proper (see “just a few cards now”). This will likely come from banishing a few rocks/bad draw cards. In case you were planning to do something different, this felt like the time to let you know.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa AchievementGeezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

Depending on how much draw you’ll run, it may take a turn or two to get the right draw order to get the infinite turn going. Making sure rocks can give Mana is a great way to help. Playing a Hot Potato helps as well, since it might allow you to draw a Praise Be for playing a Rock.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa AchievementGeezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

I do advise stacking up on some luck, but it isn’t a requirement.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

Once we’ve got the basics set up, we need to gather a few draw cards. You’ll need at least 2 Praise Be to keep the infinite turn going. 1 Praise Be + 1 Reload is possible but a little expensive mana-wise.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa AchievementGeezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

You could, if you come across it, run a strip or two. once we can get our infinite turn going, the loss of shield isn’t going to matter. A 0-cost card to draw a card is basically just the same as no card in the deck. Minus the game giving you rocks.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

One Buff Card. The card you are planning to spam to become powerful. The entire point of all of this is to play one card A LOT. Typically for many builds this has would be a purple rarity Invigaron.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

The Infinite Turn

You’ve got all of that? Awesome! Your time has come. The goal now is to thin your deck down, while holding enough draw cards to keep going. You’re looking to get to the point where you either have 1 or 0 cards left to draw. Note; that means deck+discard piles. Noted as x-to-draw from here on out.

We’ll be trying to play our best Card draws first, so follow this order for drawing cards. If you have the card but not enough Mana, see the Mana Priority:

  1. Play Praise Be
  2. Play Reload
  3. Play Scrape
  4. Play Rock (just pick the one with the most relevant stat boost)

The least usefull cards get Banished first, follow this order:

  1. Banish cards which are not for draw or Buff stacking
  2. Banish Rocks (just pick the least relevant stat boost)
  3. Banish Reload (WARNING: Don’t waste ‘m. Read More Below)
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On Banishing Reloads

Banishing Reloads for Mana is perfectly fine, but it would be a waste if they’re Banished and the infinite turn isn’t reached. So have a look at how many cards you have left to draw vs. how much card draw is still in your hands. Consider how many of the cards to be drawn are draw cards vs mana sacrifices. Do a little math. You got this!

I’m Holding So Many Cards!

At this point, you should either have 1 or 0 cards left to draw, and your hand contains a Praise Be. You can now safely banish anything that isn’t your last Praise be or your Buff-Card. You could elect to keep a secondary buff-card or extra draw if you wish, but be advised there is a hand-size limit!

Just a few cards now!

Now, life has just become very simple. Buy high mana cost cards in the shop until you have 2-to-draw. Play a Praise be to draw all cards. Banish the high cost card to gain its mana cost and the gold. If you’re low on mana, repeat this process. If you have plenty of mana play your buff then Play your other Praise Be, then you get to buy cards again.
You could, in theory, grow your mana pool by buying and banishing 2-cost cards (buy, draw (-1), banish (+2)), but I advise going for cards that are either 3+ mana or 4+ mana. See what feels right with your current savings, banish gain and mana-efficiency. Of course you can refresh the shop for better offers as gold allows.

Or, for checking while playing, here’s a routine:

  1. Buy high cost card(s) up to 2-to-draw
  2. Play Praise Be
  3. Banish high-cost card(s)
  4. Mana Check: if low* restart routine
  5. Play Buff
  6. Play Praise Be

* Low means your Mana is less than your buff card (in case of Invigaron: 3) and 2 Praise be’s (2). So for Invigaron you’d need to have at least 5 Mana to play the buff, Play a Praise Be to retrieve the buff and other Praise Be to get to the point where you have 1-to-draw and can safely buy a new card and draw it to generate Mana. If you don’t like living on the edge, just farm some Mana before doing the full routine.

The Power Draw Infinite Turn

One card that allows the infinite turn to become a little more optimized but also complicated is Power Draw.

Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement

Once the first Power draw is played, there is a chance we draw a card when we use a card. this means a Praise Be would draw either 2 or 3 cards. it’s possible to transition into a 3-to-draw cycle, by adding another Praise be to your Deck. Once you own 3 Praise Be’s, replace the routine’s buy step to be buying up to 3-to-draw, play a Praise be to draw them. That way if your discard pile is 2 Praise Be’s, you still have one. You can now buy 1 more high card, play another Praise Be. Play your Buff Card as mana allows, without creating more than 3-to-draw.

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If this sounds too complicated, no worries. Overdrawing will merely show a “no cards left to draw” type message. You can keep following the old routine safely without issues.

Power Buffing Cards

I’ve used the example of Invigaron throughout, but you could of course use any other buff card if you wish. Buff your Elemental damage. Unholy Crit. Play a bunch of Yellow-rarity burned-on-play cards if you have the money. Get wild with it. See what pops up in the shop as you look for more Mana-Sacrifices. Just know: there is a hand size limit.

My Playthrough, Notes and other Thoughts

On the matter of my screenshots

First off, please excuse how washed out my screenshots look. I have an HDR display and it messes up my screenshotting.

My Run

When I played this, I admit I had trouble surviving for long enough to get everything operational. The run that I did, I played exclusively unholy towers, with many powers but a focused intent on butcher of sins and CC. I used Judgement and Unholy MG as starter Towers. I ended my run manually when my Sinners Punished Counter hit 100k.
I will admit, when I got my infinite turn I did go a bit overboard.

On the Game’s Performance

Though, considering how overboard I went, I’m not surprised by the sea of skulls. I will say I do not advise you go this overboard. Where the balance is, I don’t quite know, but I do know that this run ended up having a timer of over 3 hours, and the game was stuttering/lagging quite badly between turns.
I was glad that the game would fully pause whenever it was my turn afterwards. It meant that even though I decided to skip every turn from then on, at least the game would smooth back out and every interaction was as smooth as normal. while the game is running between turns? Eh, I was a little worried about crashing, I’ll admit.
Performance did not seem to change much between when I’d originally taken my infinite turn and by the time I ended my shift. I did however notice a slow and steady increase in the use of my pc’s resources, which is perfectly normal.

On Sinners Punished and Score

But Seeing what 100k sinners means score wise certainly tells me that I went way further than was needed for the achievement. 20k sinners will get you the 200k score you are looking for!
Which is another reason I don’t suggest going this far if you’re looking for the achievement: I’ve seen multiple people mention crashing as they play endless mode.

Some Screenshots
Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement
Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement
Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement
Geezy's Endless Turn & The Big Playa Achievement
Written by DawnValentine

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