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Heretic’s Fork Infinite Loop of Power For Garrison / Tower Damage

Short tutorial how to obtain infinite power while using tricky combination of cards.

Heretic’s Fork Infinite Loop of Power For Garrison / Tower Damage

As you know in game cards there are 3 in particular that are very strong and hard to obtain in big quantities, but when you find those it then you can be very lucky to be close to encounter an infinite loop of power. For such you need to have those particular cards used / in deck:


[Optional but helptfull to reach infinite loop]

  • Salvage – gain power equal to power cost of banished card
  • Rockstar or Hot Potato – increases cost of rocks

[Required for power]

  • Combined Damage or Primal Fury – gain Tower / Garison damage equal to used cards this round
  • Praise Be – card draw with low cost (Reload is fine as long as you can get more Power in other ways)
  • Charge Up – power level refresh
Infinite loop of power for garrison / tower damage


In deck when you have fast firing towers or fast minions from garrison you are trying to decrease number of cards in discard and draw pile using card draw to only have max 2 cards total in both discard and draw pile.

At this moment you can use ChargeUp > Praise Be > ChargeUp > … until you are fine with power level, finally use Combined Damage / Primal Fury to convert all quantity of used cards to 10% tower / garrison dmg every used card.


What I’ve managed to reach (only once, I had no Charge up, but had Salvage and loads of stones with Rockstar perk) was 2000 Tower power in single turn, but with infinite loop potential is endless, but it is hard to reach as it is pretty endgame combo, tho it feels intended I would hardly believe that it will be nerfed.

If nerf is necessary (for devs)

Potential nerfs seen here are that Combined Damage / Primal Fury would count unique cards used, so loop would not be possible (max power of number of cards in deck when performed, but can be redone in next turn.

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