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Heroes & Generals: How Bots Function

Reto add bots in recent update, and they seem to be useless at first, but then turn out to be very annoying and catastrophe if you underestimate them. So this guide will help you understand more about them, and might even come up some ideal to deal with them. This guide’s mainly for newbie who has little or no experience again bot.

I. In General

1. Bots appearance:

They look just like an normal infantry man, no skin, not much to say, this’s the basic that everyone already know.

2. Bots’s weapons:

They only use the basic rifle and and anti-tank rocket launcher, and they’re un-modified weapons on every map (German – Gewehr 43, Panzerschreck RPzB 54, American – M1 Garand, Bazooka M1A1, Soviet – SVT-40, Bazooka M1A1), except in First Encounter mode, bot use basic rifle or smg.

3. Bots movement:

  • They never go crouch, prone or sprinting, if you see a guy sprinting, that 100% not bot. Bots only jump when there an obstacle or a wall block their way.
  • From the spawm point, they will go in straight line to the capture point, however they might change their path if there an obstacle or an enemy nearby.

II. When Fighting

1. Bots vs infantry: (this can apply to paratrooper and recon as well)

  • At distance about 8m, bots will begin targeting you, after about 5s, they begin to open fire (if they have you in their line of sight).
  • Bots can hear your gun fire up to about 15m, once hear your gun fire, they will open fire after 5s, even they not in distance of 6m with you.
  • When bots shoot you, first shoot maybe miss, but the follow up shoot will be more and more accurate; also the closer you are, the more accurate that the bots firing at you. Bots only need at most about 5 miss shoot before they can shoot you in the face, regardless the distance. So don’t spend time hanging around with them.
  • You don’t need expose your hold body, just peek your head out and the bot will start to target you.

2. Bots vs tank:

  • If you outside of your tank or drive a tank in third person view, the bots will see you as infantry man and never fire rocket at you, so mentor above will be apply. So if your tank nearly being destroy by bot, just get out, hide behind your tank and repair it, they will stop throw rocket at you (but make sure no enemy player nearby).
  • If inside your tank, just like vs infantry, they begin to targeting you at 8m and after 5s, they’ll shoot rocket at you; however unlike shooting rifle, every rocket fired will guaranteed hit.
  • Bots never fire rocket at distance above 8m.
  • There some case when bots use rifle to shoot even when you inside a tank when … they run out of rocket.

3. Bots vs plane:

Well just like bots vs tanks, when you landing, make sure chose a safe place.

4. Bots vs general:

WTH general doing here, go back to your command room! Oh by the way, watch out for the bot general in a far far future update.

Written by YourLeader

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