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Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore Build

The Classic Dumbledore Build that focuses on a variety of Spells that have various effects for any situations you might face.

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy focuses on the various combinations players can create by using different types of Equipment and Spells, as well as Talents and Traits. Builds can be more geared towards different styles of gameplay, such as Exploration Oriented builds or more Combat Oriented Builds.

Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore Build
Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore Build

Hogwarts Legacy Dumbledore Build

  • Preferred House: Gryffindor
  • Spells: Glacius, Arresto Momentum, Diffindo, Flipendo
  • Key Talents: Diffindo Mastery, Glacius Mastery, Knockback Curse, Slowing Curse, Enduring Curse, Curse Sapper, Protego Absorption, Basic Cast Mastery, Protego Expertise, Protego Mastery
  • Traits: Ancient Magic Focus III, Laceration III, Concentration III, Protego Shielding III, Ancient Magic III

The way this Build works is that you’ll use Glacius to freeze and detonate enemies in a group. Arresto Momentum slows enemies down and gives you time to plan your next attack, and with Slowing Curse it will also increase the damage the target takes after casting.

Enduring Curse extends the duration of this damage debuff, and Curse Sapper heals you when you defeat them if they are Cursed. Knockback Curse changes Flipendo allowing it to curse as well, making this doubly useful.

Diffindo is your high powered spell, and Laceration and Concentration boost its damage further. You will also increase Ancient Magic build up speed and damage with this setup, allowing for powerful magic casts as this fills bars.

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There is also a focus here on defensive magic in Protego, allowing you to get the best use of it through Protego Absorption, Protego Expertise and Protego Mastery, making you deadly on defense as you are on offense.

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