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Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build

The Harry Potter Build focuses on the the strengths of Harry and what magic he is most proficient with like Expelliarmus and Petrificus Totalus.

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy focuses on the various combinations players can create by using different types of Equipment and Spells, as well as Talents and Traits. Builds can be more geared towards different styles of gameplay, such as Exploration Oriented builds or more Combat Oriented Builds.

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build
Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build

  • Preferred House: Gryffindor
  • Spells: Expelliarmus, Disillusionment, Accio, Arresto Momentum, Incendio
  • Key Talents: Accio Mastery, Slowing Curse, Enduring Curse, Curse Sapper, Ancient Magic Throw Expertise, Basic Cast Mastery, Basic Cast Airborne Absorption, Stupefy Mastery, Stupify Expertise, Disarming Curse.
  • Traits: Ambush III, Concentration III, Control III, Disarming III, Binding III, Scorching III

The way this build works is that you’ll focus on using Expelliarmus a lot as your primary spell. This Curses enemies because of Disarming Curse, and will also heal you when you kill the target because of Curse Sapper. Additionally, Ancient Magic Throw Expertise will allow you throw enemies weapons back at them for damage after you’ve disarmed them. This works particularly well against Goblins and Penceive Guardians who both wield melee weapons that can be thrown. This damage is boosted by Control III, allowing you to damage them with Expelliarmus, and then their weapon back to back, which makes it a deadly combo. Expelliarmus is still effective at dealing damage at range, even if you cannot disarm your opponent, and serves as an effective means to dispel red shields from enemies at range, since Incendio has rather short range by comparison.

Using Accio on targets with the Accio Mastery Talent allows you to pull groups of enemies to you at once, and the unleash Incendio on them point blank dealing devastating damage. And, you’ll deal even more damage since you’ll also have the Incendio Mastery Talent, making it AoE around you in a 360 degree arc. Make sure you use a couple of your Trait slots for the Scorching Trait to further boost the damage of Incendio. Remember, you’ll deal increased damage when enemies are floating in the air if you’ve used Accio first.

Arresto Momentum works to dispel yellow damage shields on enemies, and can slow down tough to kill enemies like Trolls, allowing you to stay safely out of danger. Because of the Slowing Curse Talent, this will also Curse the target you use it against, increasing your damage with basic attacks and spells against them for a short time afterwards. This is really nice, since Arresto Momentum deals no damage of its own, making it more worth while to cast this spell.

Disillusionment will allow you to sneak around undetected and use Petrificus Totalus on enemies, one shotting them the majority of the time. You also deal more damage when casting from Invisible thanks to Ambush III, and deal more damage with Petrificus Totalus itself thanks to Binding III. These Traits can be overkill, however, so you might want to save your Trait slots for other that increase your spell damage, like Concentration III, Disarming III or Scorching III.

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