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Hollow Knight The Best Amulet Combinations

The amulets in Hollow Knight vary greatly in their use. Some simply make it easier to collect Geo, while others passively regenerate Soul over time. So let’s take another look and see what absurd combinations there are.

Blood of the Hive & Joni’s Blessing

The best Amulet combinations

There is an amulet synergy between Hive Blood and Joni’s Blessing, which increases the character’s masks by 40% and changes all masks to Vital Blood, but makes it impossible to heal through souls.

Normally, Vital Blood cannot be recovered and is lost when sitting on a bench, but the Hive Blood amulet regenerates the Vital Blood masks created by Joni’s Blessing, albeit very slowly.

With a little patience, this combination of amulets will give you more health to work with and infinite survivability during exploration, provided they find a safe place to wait for health regeneration.

Long Sting & Pride Mark & Quick Cut

The best Amulet combinations

This combination makes use of the Long Sting and Pride Mark amulets, which increase the length of the Sting, the Knight’s sword, and they stack on top of each other. The combination allows the Knight to fight faster and from a safer range during boss battles.

You will also encounter Pale Ore along the way (used to upgrade the nail), which only further increases the power of this combination.

The best part of this combination is not just its power, however. Instead, it is the fact that this combination of amulets is easily obtained early in the game and does not require a high skill level.

This combination drops spells and soul gain to focus on a more melee approach, so the lack of projectiles may pose a problem for some enemies, but the ease of use in the melee department more than makes up for it.

Larvae Song & Quick Focus & Deep Focus

The best Amulet combinations

Taking hits in Hollow Knight is almost a certainty for everyone (not just beginners), considering how many hits enemies take, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Hitting enemies always grants Soul, after all, the Soul is Hollow Knight’s version of an energy meter used to cast spells.

When using the Song of Maggots amulet, taking damage will grant Soul as well. Obviously, it’s always better to take no damage, but Song of the Maggots is a desirable safety net that stacks well with other Spells anyway. By combining this amulet with Quick Focus and Deep Focus, the player can heal two masks at a time instead of one.

Deep Focus grants double the healing power but slows down the conjuration speed, while Quick Focus speeds up the overall conjuration speed, essentially canceling out the slowness. Adding Song of the Maggots means that, with restricted gameplay, it is possible to recover more health than was lost in the first place.

Soul Catcher & Soul Devourer & Magic Folder

The best Amulet combinations

Spells in Hollow Knight are the only ways to hit enemies from a distance, and the spell Vengeful Spirit is obtained very early in the game. Once a player is used to using spells, they can start blasting away with these abilities so that the ‘weakness’ of the Stinger at the beginning of the game is pretty much cancelled out.

And, to go to a sort of conjurer in Hollow Knight, players will need a lot of Soul. To do this, players will need to find the Soul Catcher and eventually its stronger counterpart, Soul Devourer, both of which accumulate their effects of building more Soul per Nail hit.

Then, in closing, picking up the Magic Folder allows the player to use their overabundance of Soul to cast even more spells than they might already have. Not only that, but this combination also leads to more heals, since both spells and heals use Soul as a resource.

Sting Master’s Glory & Any Spell Centered Spell

The best Amulet combinations

Hidden throughout the game world are the Sting Masters, gentle insects willing to teach the Knight special moves. These attacks are blunt, but more difficult to integrate into combat than simple slashing. They need to be charged and held, preventing the player from attacking until they release their charge.

The Sting Arts are time commitments in a high-speed game that are balanced against their raw damage. Fortunately, this risk of being stalled can be reduced significantly with just one Amulet: Glory of the Sting Master.

This Amulet reduces the loading time of Art of the Sting to less than a second, making your combos easier. But of course, combinations are the important things here. Players can combine Sting Master’s Glory with almost anything and it will work just fine.

Song of the Weavers & Song of the Maggots & Master of the Race

The best Amulet combinations

Hollow Knight has several amulets that summon creatures that help fight for the player, it Weaver’s Song, Maggot Song, and Shining Womb.

Song of the Weavers and Song of the Maggots generate friendly little insects that glide around and do damage to enemies. They don’t do much damage by themselves, but increase when the Knight is hitting the enemy as well, and they can help clear mobs when there is a group of them.

The specific combination, however, should be Song of the Weavers, Song of the Maggots, and Master of the Run. Song of the Maggots makes the spiders give soul with each hit, and Master of the Run increases their attack speed.

With these two amulets, large targets are constantly attacked by small insects causing passive damage. Using Shining Womb instead of Master of the Run creates even more minions, but the constant soul drain is generally not worth it.

Master of Running & Master of Dodging

The best Amulet combinations

The Child Grimm charm works differently from the ordinary spider pups generated by Song of the Weavers. It is a gift to the player from the mysterious Grimm. After finishing one or three missions, the charm will evolve and grow. It changes from a useless, albeit cute, follower to a decent source of damage that shoots projectiles over the Knight’s shoulder.

While Song of the Weavers spiders do only 3 damage per hit, the Grimm Child can do 11 damage per hit. After using Master of Run and Master of Dodging, the combination makes it so that the Knight can focus almost entirely on speed and evasion, hitting bosses only when it’s really safe, and the Grimm Child will do all the passive damage in between.

Master of the Run & Collector Swarm & Master of the Dodge

The best Amulet combinations

The core of every Metroidvania is exploration, and fittingly, Hollow Knight has plenty of that. Granted, that exploration is filled with things trying to kill the Knight at every turn.

As mentioned above, Master of the Run and Master of Dodging are excellent for getting around the giant map with ease to hunt for secrets. Master of the Run especially is seen as minor, but the slight buff in movement speed is a great passive effect to get the Knight moving.

Note that Master of Dodging allows players to drop as an additional effect, and any player who forgets this will likely end up running to their death. But, when a player has Master of the Run, Collector Swarm, and Master of Dodging equipped, they are basically ready for speedrun.

Unn Form & Mushroom with Spores & Defender’s Insignia

The best Amulet combinations

The latter is a very, very specific combination that may not work for all players, but is a lot of fun to perform. First, there is the Form of Unn, aka, which turns the Knight into a mobile Slug that can move left and right while carrying the Soul.

Next in the combo is Mushroom with Spores, an amulet that causes the Knight to deal damage to an AoE around him while focusing Soul (although the damage is very small).

Finally, there is the Defender’s Insignia, another item that releases clouds of damaging AoE and really synergizes with the Mushroom with Spores. When all three amulets are equipped at the same time, The Mushroom with Spores cloud looks different, deals more damage, and lasts longer.

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