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Hollow Knight – The Best Charm Combination for Platforming

When it comes to platforming challenges, you try your best to survive as many fails as possible. In this guide, i am going to show you the most effective way of doing it.


I see a lot of people recommending the use of Hiveblood+Grubsong charm combo for doing White palace and such. Basically, you get hurt, by which Grubsong gives you +15% Soul. Then you wait 10 seconds for Hiveblood to regenerate that one lost mask, and do the whole process again. By this, you can indefinitely, although very slowly gain Soul to heal in tough situations. The charm notch cost for this combo is 5 notches (Hiveblood-4, Grubsong-1). But what if I tell you that there is a more effective way to do this?

Deep focus+Grubsong+Grubberfly’s elegy

Now, most people maybe do not know this, but if you combine Grubsong with Grubberfly’s elegy, the amount of Soul you get when getting hit increases ftom 15% to 26%. That means that when we get hit two times, we get 52% Soul! This is where Deep Focus comes in. It uses 33% of Soul (because that is how much Soul focusing takes), and heals both the masks at once. This means that we did not only remain on our current health, but we also got 19% spare Soul. The upside of this method is it does not require waiting as long as Hiveblood to regenerate, and also gives more spare Soul. However, the downside is its very expensive charm notch cost 8 notches (Deep focus-4, Grubsong-1, Grubberfly’s elegy-3). Though, I myself have utilised this charm combo only in passing through White palace, which is pretty late-game, so i already had enough charm notches.

Where to get the needed charms

  • Deep focus: Behind a breakable wall on the left side of Crystal Peak, requires Crystal heart.
  • Grubsong: Reward from Grubfather for saving 10 grubs.
  • Grubberfly’s elegy: Reward from Grubfather for saving all 46 grubs.

As I look at it, I realise that this combination is for most players accessible only late midgame/early engame, as saving all the grubs requires stuff such as Monarch wings, Isma’s Tear, Crystal heart and similarly. Because of this, i find it good utilising only in White palace, which is an endgame area.

The end
Thank you for reading this guide! I hope it helped you on your journey through this great game!

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