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HoloCure Save the Fans Coin Farming: 100k+ per run!

Running low on coins? Want to upgrade everything to max? Check out this simple guide!

HoloCure Save the Fans Coin Farming: 100k+ per run!

The time is nigh. The 0.6 (or higher) update is upon us and the the new characters call to us. But we spent all of our coins on the previous update and haven’t played in a while. What are we to do?

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Important Item Preparation

So to start, This strategy requires a couple things to be unlocked.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Irys! The star of the show. You don’t need to have much, but her weapon is what triggers the Holocoin farming simulator.

The Piercing at level 5 and the multiple projectiles upon Awakening allow for many hits on multiple targets

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)
Super Chatto Time! Accelerate your coin farming by 100% and automatically pick up all coins! Unlock this by having 5000 coins at one time in your inventory.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)Stolen Piggy Bank! Do you like earning coins while you traverse the map? This item will allow you to gain coins as you move! Unlock it by killing a Golden Yagoo in a run (so a bit RNG, but once you unlock it, it’s yours for good).

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)Halu! IT’s Halu time! this item will make your run harder, but it does so by throwing more fans at you with more health and power. it also gives you more coins at the end of a run for every 5/4/3/2/1 enemies you kill after choosing/upgrading it. Do not choose this on later levels unless you are prepared for pain.

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There is 1 more item that you’ll need to really bring this build together, but it can only be found randomly during a run.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Behold! the Greed Stamp! This little thing drops randomly during runs, along with several other different stamps that also have different effects. You can have up to 3 stamps attached to your main weapon, giving it various effects, from making the projectiles bigger or increasing the damage, to making it sound like a horn when fired. This is the most important stamp for the strategy and you want to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you do not sell it or use it to upgrade another stamp.

For the important shop upgrades, there are three to manage.

The All important Coin Upgrade!

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Upgrade this when you can to maximize the amount of coins you get per run.

The Also Important Weapon Limit Downgrade!

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Since the Greed Stamp only works when your Main Weapon hits an enemy, you don’t need to bring any other weapons, which allows you to focus your run on the support items like Super Chatto Time, Stolen Piggy Bank, and Halu.

The Marketing Upgrade!

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

More fans bring more targets. More targets bring more opportunities for stamp drops. More stamp drops means more chances for the Greed Stamp to drop. With the Greed Stamp more targets also means more coin drops.

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All other shop upgrades can be grabbed as desired to make future runs easier.

The Run you’ve been waiting for.

So you’ve started your run and you’re not sure what to do. it’s a simple start. Kill enemies, Level up, and focus your main weapon until you hit level 5.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Now that the enemies can be cleared out a bit easier, grab either Super Chatto Time or Stolen Piggy Bank, whichever shows up in the item list first (rerolls and item elimination can be purchased in the shop upgrades as well). Once you have one of those, upgrade and Awaken your main weapon.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)
Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Now that you have awoken your weapon, you should have killed a couple bosses as well. If you get a super item drop from the boss drop (it will have a rainbow presentation when starting to open), Keep it if it is the ultra version of the Super Chatto Time, Energy drink (gives weapon haste), Study Glasses (more exp means more levels faster), Super Headphones (occasional hit negation and burst knockback), or Nurse’s Horn (keep survivability up). Anything else, you’ll want to drop since it doesn’t match the build.

For survivability, use your favorite healing/defense item(s) and for other support, Energy soda gives a boost to Weapon Haste and Movement Speed. Once all of your items are fully leveled, the game starts throwing stat upgrades at you. the upgrade you want to go for when it pops up is Haste.

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Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

Haste means your weapon fires faster, which gives you more coins per second while Greed Stamp is equipped.

Throughout all of this, keep an eye open for Stamp Drops. They’ll be marked on your screen with a green arrow (as of the 0.6 update) which shows their direction when they are off screen. Besides the Greed Stamp, I like to use the Haste stamp (it looks like a little ghost) and the Pacifist Stamp (the red no symbol, stuns enemies). You can mix and match as desired, but the Greed Stamp must be included.

Do this right and you, too, can have a run that looks like this.

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

(run was completed with a fully upgraded coin upgrade on stage 4, which has a 1.4x Holocoin boost)

A-chan appreciates your future donations to the shop~

Coin Farming (100k+ per run!)

0.6 Additions (Let ’em Cook)

So, with the advent of 0.6, we also received a new mode: Holohouse. It’s a very fun way to lose an hour fishing, farming and managing the helpers you can hire. You can also decorate a personal room, gamble (eventually, likely with the next update), and more importantly, cook food that can help you on runs with stat boosts and other various effects.

Among these is the innocuous Fruit Sandwich. What it does is [bcause enemies to drop 30% more holocoins![/b] I am currently testing this to see how many coins it adds to a run.

Written by Ryushimojii

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