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HoloCure Save the Fans Reine Coins Run

Here’s how to get tons of money quickly with The Princess of Bank of Indonesia.

Why not use GreedRys strat instead?

here’s why you should use this strat over GreedRys:

  • It doesn’t require the Greed stamp to run, so it rely less on RNG
  • You have already tried GreedRys and got bored of it
  • Reine has superior armpits
  • You are indonesian

What do i need?

Unlock these things first:

  • Superchatto to collect and increase coin drops
  • Idol Costume to spam more Tonjoks
  • Halu, more coins
  • Piggy Bank, again, more coins
  • Reine, duh. no need to get her G-ranks. base reine will suffice. though Grank will make it slighly easier

How do i do it?

Reine Coins Run

  • Max your weapon limit debuff in the shop
  • Play Reine
  • Select Stage 1 Hard Endless (optional)
  • Why this stage? because it’s easy to maneuver around. The coin multiplier is also decent.
  • Level up and upgrade your items in this priority:
  • Idol Costume > Superchatto > Halu > Piggy Bank
  • feel free to upgrade your weapon or skills first if you find difficulties to beat fans early on (that makes you a wimp tho)
  • Keep spamming Tonjoks, make sure to circle around to concentrate the mobs and hit as many enemies as possible with each Tonjok
  • Get holocoins (or heal when you need it) on your upgrades after maxing all your items
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Weapon Stamps

I know earlier i said it doesn’t require Greed Stamp like the Irys strat, but it’s still nice to have in this Reine strat though the majority of your coins will be from Tonjoks, get it if it shows up.

Other good stamps are the ones that debuffs enemies (stun/slow/frozen)

DO NOT get damage increasing stamps, you want the fans to live longer so you can Tonjok them more and steal even more of their lunch money.

Wow this strat made me rich and the guide is so easy to understand!

You’re welcome. now go feed the gambling addict inside you by doing the character gacha.
oh, make sure Reine is the first character you leveled to G-Rank 21. after all, she’s your oshi.
huh? what do you mean you are not a law-abiding Merakyat?

Written by Sneed

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