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Home Sweet Home: Online Visitors Beginner Guide

Hello, visitor! I’m pretty sure you want to understand the game better and you don’t know Thai either. In this guide, I’ll try to tell you as much as possible about everything you need to know to have a good time in Home Sweet Home: Online!

Home Sweet Home: Online Visitors Beginner Guide

This basic information is intended for complete beginners. Those who already have a foundation can skip ahead. All Visitors will have two status values: Health Points and Stamina. Each character will have different status values and abilities. Please note that the exact terminology may vary based on the context of the game or the specific terms used in the game’s mechanics.

All you need to know as a Visitor in Home Sweet Home: Online

Based on this Basic Information about the Visitor Mewmew I can tell you that she has a maximum Health Points (Units) of 95 each Visitor will have different health points, and if attacked by the Warden, their health points will decrease. If your health points reach 0, you will die and become a spirit. You can observe the maximum health points of the Visitors according to the specified levels as follows:

Health Points (HP)Maximum Health Points (Units)
1 Bar90
2 Bars95
3 Bars100
4 Bars105

Please note that the information provided is based on the context you’ve given and might vary based on the actual game or its mechanics.I can also tell you that she has a maximum Stamina (Units) of 75 the movement of Visitors is primarily divided into two modes: walking and running. Running consumes stamina. If your stamina depletes, you’ll become exhausted and need to walk to recover your stamina. Therefore, managing your stamina for each running session is important.

Stamina LevelMaximum Stamina (Units)
1 Bar70
2 Bars75
3 Bars80
4 Bars85

When successfully executing a check skill, progress will immediately increase by 3%, and every point of expertise will further increase it by 0.25%. The higher your expertise value, the more comprehensive the check skill execution, resulting in increased bonuses to ritual chanting speed.

Expertise LevelIncreased Bonus (%)
1 Bar3.25
2 Bars3.50
3 Bars3.75
4 Bars4

Which means Mewmew gains a increased Bonus of 3.50 % for each successfull Skill check!You’re probably wondering what cost means! It has to do with your choice of perks (skill enhancements). Each visitor has its own cost, each perk has its own cost, so the higher your cost, the more “expensive” perks you can get!

Basic information about Items and Consumables

All you need to know as a Visitor in Home Sweet Home: Online

There are a total of 8 items you can receive when opening an item chest. The item chest looks like this there are multiple item chests scattered throughout the map, and they reset after a certain amount of time so keep an eye out for them.

All you need to know as a Visitor in Home Sweet Home: Online

There is a total of 8 items that you can get from the Item Chests that we mentioned above and we split these 8 items in 3 categories

  • Support Items (Green)
  • Health Potion (Syringe) – Heals 50% of your health.
  • Energy Drink – Restores 80 Stamina Units and increases your movespeed by 50 Units for 2 seconds.
  • Utility (Purple)
  • Sigil Scroll – Paper; Create a wall impassable by wardens for 3 seconds.
  • Holy String – Trap – Trap; Deals 120 damage when the Warden walks into it without Shield also inflicts 2 seconds of stun and reveals the aura of the Warden for 8 seconds.
  • Weapons (White)
  • Chaplet – Deals 40 damage.
  • Holy Rice – Red bag – Deals 5 damage; silences warden for 5s.
  • Holy Water – Urn – Deals 15 damage; reduce visibility for 3s.
  • Holy Rattan – Stick – Deals 10 damage; stuns for 1.5s.Depending on the amount of rituals completed, the warden will receive 1%, 10%, 50% and then 100% of the damages listed in Part “The 4v1 Asymmetricical Mode”. I hope this helps!

Basic information about Perks and Relics

Information about Perks

Perks provide distinct advantages and are available to both Wardens and Visitors. Each side has its own set of Perks tailored to their roles. These advantages are personalized to enhance gameplay, and Perks can be freely used by any Visitor or Warden, without any original holder restrictions.

Information about Relics for Visitors

Relics possess unique qualities exclusive to a specific Visitor until that Visitor reaches level 5. Afterward, every Visitor can utilize that relic at its initial level. It’s important to note that the leveling process for Relics is specific to each character. For instance, you cannot level the Relic of Mewmew on Manop; only Mewmew’s Relic can be enhanced by playing as Mewmew. Additionally, the maximum level of a Relic cannot be employed on a different character, only the level before the maximum can be utilized on other Visitors apart from the original holder.

How to level up a Relic

Now that we have clarified that you cannot level Mewmew’s Relic by playing as Manop; only Mewmew’s Relic can be enhanced when playing as Mewmew, you may still be wondering how to level a Relic in the first place. You level a Relic by playing as its original owner and reaching a certain level with that Visitor!I’m not talking about your account level, I’m talking about the Visitor level itself!

Reaching Visitor LevelGrants Relic Level

A list of all the Relics of each Visitor

  • Nipa – Monk Oan’s Ring (Holy water now creates a 2 meter wide puddle that deals 5/5/5/10 damage a second for 3/4/5/5 seconds to wardens that pass through it.)
  • Uncle Pae – Ta Lhaew (Holy sigils can now be placed on doorframes in 5/4/3/3 seconds and can be manually activated by pressed E when walking by it. The sigil effect lasts 2/2/2/3 seconds.)
  • Tim – Monk Derm’s Meed Mhor (The rattan can now charge up the next attack for 2 seconds to increase the stun by 0.3/0.5/1/1.5 seconds.)
  • Manop – Monk Derm’s Takrud Tone (Holy string can now roots and silences the Warden for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds on top of dealing 30/30/30/40 damage. The holy string is now tied at the bottom of the door frame instead of the top.)
  • Jane – Monk Ple’s Cowry (Syringes are changed to giving 7/8/10/12 hp/second instantly upon usage.)
  • Mewmew – Phra Phuttha Chinnarat (When taking fatal damage while holding a syringe, the syringe is consumed and you escape death, restoring 20/30/40/50 hp.)
  • Aof – Monk Auttama Chaplets (Chaplets can now be used one more time upon landing a successful attack but will reduce the damage output by 20/15/10/5.)
  • Don – Thao Wessuwan (Holy Rattan decreases the warden’s immunity shield by 1/2/3/5 seconds per hit if they have it activated.)
  • Ong – Monk Thim’s Candy (Chaplets can now be charged for 2 seconds, granting an additional 4/5/6/7 damage per hit.)
  • Yuri – Yakuyoke Omamori (Adds two more stacks to holy rice and they now deal 1/2/3/5 more damage per stack.)
  • zBing – Petch Ta Meow Si Sawat (Syringes activation time is decreased by 2 seconds and upon successful usage, receive 3/4/5/6 hp/second for 5 seconds.)
  • Jessi – Elephant’s Tail Ring (Holy water now has 2 additional stacks and can blind the warden for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds longer. The blinding effect cannot be stacked.)
  • Tida – Hua Namo (Holy Rice’s effects are now changed to when thrown, leave a 5/5/5/10 meter wide pile of holy rice on the ground. When a Warden walks through it they receive 3/4/5/5 damage per second.)
  • Aisha – Black Rutile Quartz (Energy drinks can now be used twice. Every usage gives 20/25/30/40 stamina and 30 movespeed for 2 seconds.)
  • Tim Awake – Phra Khan Lek Nham Pi’s (Energy drinks now restore 30 stamina and increase the damage of the next attack by 5/10/15/20.)

The 4v1 Asymmetricical Mode

In this mode there will be 1 Warden (Killer) and 4 Visitors (Survivors). The game will have a base time of 15 minutes and can be extended by 2 minutes each time a ritual is successfully completed. To successfully perform a ritual the visitors must bring the necessary items for the ritual and use them on the ritual pedestal, completing both parts will allow them to pray on it. There can only be a maximum of 3 visitors praying at one ritual. While praying on a ritual the visitors must perform skill checks if you miss these the Warden will be alerted and may come to check the Location so be careful. The items required are the Incense and the Nail of Sangkawanorn.The Nail of Sangkawanorn can be found in this white glowing chest, there is only 4 of these chests on the map, next to the chest you can also see what the Nail of Sangkawanorn looks like!

All you need to know as a Visitor in Home Sweet Home: Online

while the Incense can be found in this one and like the Nail of Sangkawanorn there is also only 4 of these chests on the map, next to the chest you can also see what the Incense looks like!

All you need to know as a Visitor in Home Sweet Home: Online

Performing each Ritual has an effect on the warden!

Number of Completed RitualsEffect on the Warden
0 RitualsWarden’s Armor Damage Reduction: 99%
1 RitualWarden’s Armor Damage Reduction: 90%
2 RitualsWarden’s Armor Damage Reduction: 50%
3 RitualsWarden’s Armor will no longer reduce damage, and all surviving Visitors will be healed for 30 health points.

In the upper left corner of the game you can see how many rituals have been completed!Now that you know what happens if you complete all 3 Rituals there is only 4 ways the Asymmetricical Game can end!

  1. Eliminate the Warden:The Visitors can eliminate the Warden by using items or their character-specific skills to attack the Warden. The Warden starts with 400 health points, and if their health reaches 0, the game ends.
  2. Escape through Exits:Exit doors from the facility will appear after all 3 rituals are successfully completed. These doors will appear every 30 seconds, up to a maximum of 5 doors. Visitors will need 6 seconds to open an exit door to escape the facility. If you’re the last remaining Visitor before the completion of the third ritual, special exit doors will open. These doors consist of 2 randomly-timed gates. The time to open these gates will decrease, and the game ends when all Visitors have exited.
  3. Time Runs Out:If the Visitors fail to eliminate the Warden or escape through the exits within the specified time, the game will end.
  4. All Visitors are Eliminated:If the last remaining Visitor is eliminated, the game ends.

The Battle Mode

To be added.

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