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Horse Farm – Guests Guide

How to tend to your guests and make them happy.

Guest Reception

Your new guests will patiently wait for you to accept them in front of the main building.

Click on the bell symbol to open the guest reception and to get more information about your guests and their wishes:

Guest Level
The yellow button next to the avatar of the guest indicates his level. The higher the level of the customer, the more wishes he has and the more tasty he or she is. They won’t move in lodges which they don’t consider appropriate even though level 1 guests might – of course – move in a level 4 building without any further discussions 😉

If the there’s free space in a lodge and the level is sufficient, just drag your guest into the green circle of the building.

In case the circle is red, there’s either no free room in the lodge or the level of the guest is too high for this lodge.

Guest Wishes
In the overview, you can already see how many wishes this specific customer has. In the first levels, they might vary from 3 to 5 wishes as a rule of thumb.

Sending Guests Away
If a guest has arrived with whom you can’t deal with yet or wish to send him (or her) away due to different reasons, you can click on the red cross on the left side.

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Be careful! Once you’ve sent the guest away, you can’t wipe the slate clean!


Once they are on your farm, your guests will start walking around and develop wishes once in a while.

What kind of wishes do guests have?

Guest will either demand either actions or products:

The sqare bubbles demand action; the round bubbles are product wishes.

What actions are there?

In the beginning, your guest might wish for the following activities:

  • petting a horse (horse symbol)
  • horse riding (riding cap)
  • eating at the snack shack
  • leaving your farm (suitcase)

Product wishes:

  • popsicles
  • soft drinks (requires building level 2 for the snack shack)
  • riding crops

The more you advance in the game, the more products and activities will be unlocked.

The happier your guests are, the more tip they’ll give you when they leave!

Fulfilling Wishes – What’s important?

Actually delivering products is very easy. A guest might walk arounf like the one above and demand a riding crop. Sell him one, and he’ll be happy.

However, tending to their horse wishes is a bit more difficult!

If a gues wishes to pet or ride a horse, you’ll see the guest’s requirements in a window next to your horses:

This guest requires a horse with level 1 and jumping skills. He’d pay you extra in case the horse you’ll give to him will be a Clydesdale. Also watch our whether your horses are completely content before you let guests handle them! The color codes of the horses can be seen on this picture, too. They correspond to the color of the guest’s wishes: If their wish is orange, the item or action is not yet available but in theory possible. Green means it is available immediately.

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My guests demand things I don’t have yet? What should I do?

If you have reached a certain level which includes unlocking an item, your guests on the farm might also start to demand this item or action. With level 21, for example, your guests will have a longing for French Fries! These will be automatically unlocked with level 21 and can from now on be produced.

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