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Horse Farm

Problems with breeding? Not talking Horsish? This way please!

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Horses and their Wishes

These are the real protagonists of the game: your horses!

How to take care of them?

Your horses have wishes, which you need to fulfill. Otherwise, they won’t be available for your guests. If your horse has a wish you can fulfill immediately, you’ll see a green circle around the item wanted; if the required item – in this case, the water – isn’t available, the circle is orange:

The color code also applies to the actions, for example, in this picture the horse wants to visit the infirmary. Green signals that there’s a slot free for treatment; in case it’s orange, the horse has to wait until the horse occupying the slot is finished. The time left for treatment can be seen above the building:

Why are my horses sick at all?

Horse Farm is a try to be a fairly realistic simulation of a real horse farm. This means that horses will be ill, too, that they age and that they need constant attention. Too many people think that horses are a form of furry motorbikes, which only need repair once in a while and which can simply be used and put back into the stable after usage.

Horses are, however, very sensitive creatures who need constant attention and who are also rather expensive in reality. Tending to your horses will thus be very demanding and challenging!

Why do my horses age?

As we try to be realistic, your horses will also age, indicated by the birthday cake above their head. No creature on earth is immortal – and, surprise, your horses aren’t, too! However, to make it a bit nicer, your horses will simply be gone after their last birthday (and we won’t introduce a renderer, by the way).

Moving horses:

If you have several stables, you can move a horse from one to the other. Keep inmind thtat there always needs to be a free box in the stable you’re moving your horse to!


Breeding is an essential part of the game!

What do I need for breeding?

  • two horses (of course, male and female)
  • breeding station (3.200 Horse Dollar)

As soon as you have the breeding station, select the horses you’d like to breed with by dragging them into the hearts. Please make sure that your horses are happy (the green frame around the horse indicates this):

The parents will then give birth to a foal. There are always three options possible. Each horse will be a lovely option, but each one will be different: one might show more features of the father, the other will resemble the mother. If you’re lucky, the horse will have a higher horse level than the parents. You acna also rename your foal:

This is only possible at this stage! Afterward, you cannot rename a horse!

What can be inherited?

  • the color (also of event horses)
  • characteristics
  • level (always the same level as the parents or +1)
  • the horse breed

Horse Shop

You can select the horse shop via the horse stables. Just click on the stable and select the shop symbol:

In the shop, you can buy a new horse for your farm. There are several breeds available. If you want a special one, there are two remedies: 1) give it a new try for rubies or 2) wait.

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