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Hot Wheels Unleashed How to Re-Roll your 3 Start Cars

How to Re-Roll your 3 Start Cars

Soon after opening the game you will be greeted with three beginner blind boxes to open up and receive your starter cars, these cars will be selected from a pool of particular cars as mentioned below. After opening and obtaining all three cars, you can simply Alt-F4 your game, then re-open it and do this process again (It’s quite fast to do). Rinse and repeat this process until you obtain the cars you desire, and then continue with your tutorial race and enjoy!

Beginner Blind Box Contents

The following information has been graciously submitted by Pixie 01, thank-you for your input!

The following data is off a sample size of 200, and suggests that the beginner blind-boxes are limited to a a particular selection of cars and types to give an even start selection for all players

Box 1: contains a muscle car with average stats in all categories; a ’71 El Camino, a COPO Camero, a Fiat 500, or a Rodger Dodger.

Box 2: contains a super car with high speed and low braking; an RD-02, a Supercharged, a Twin Mill, or a Winning Formula.

Box 3: contains a stunt car with high braking power and boost; a Bump Around, a Mountain Mauler, a Roller Toaster, or a Time Attaxi.

Please also note, that the beginner cars you receive are permanent additions to your collection, and thus cannot be scrapped for coins and or upgrade materials.

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If anyone manages to get anything different from their beginner blind boxes, please submit proof of this with a screenshot of the drop and a screenshot of it in your collection showing it’s inability to be scrapped, thank-you!

from Some Webb

Box animations and rarities
Common: As stated only rare and above will play some sort of animation, so the box just stays still
Rare: Sides will bob up and down
Legendary: The box will do a nodding motion
Super Treasure Hunt: The box would shake side to side (Thanks to [CGC]Lisek445 and Cpt.ben for the info)
I do wish there is a quick dismantle/sell for your dupes

Written by Aphixa-YT

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