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House Party How to Fight? How is Leah? (New Patch 0.15.4)

It is about how can you fight and how can you ♥♥♥♥ Leah.

Sensei and Betrayal

Hello everyone. First of all you need to do these things. These are easy , so i dont explain. You may find in other guides that how can you do. Check them.

  • First you need the ♥♥♥♥ Ashley. After you are ” together” (steam not allowed that word) , you will see the little key on the desk in the Ashley’s room. Another thing is you need to Madison’s phone.
  • Everyting is ready so let begin. Take the key. Open the cabinet in Ashley’s room. One of them locked. Use the key and you will see the snake. Let him free , open the terrarium. And wait the snake to get out of his place. Ashley will come to talk with you for favour. Now you need to talk with Leah about catching snake.
  • After normal conversations tell to Leah, need to go after snake.
  • Tell, sometimes you leave to break one code to do right by your own code. (If you pick other choice, Leah’s interest on you, will be fall.)
  • Give Madison’s phone to the Leah. (but it stay keeping in your inventory)
    Light on the phone and start looking for snake. Directly go Garden and took the light everywhere.
  • Dont worry, it is imposibble to find snake. Leah say, youre too slow and ask ‘dont you scared?’
  • Say to her, youre with me (something like that i dont remember)
  • Punch Leah for 5 time. (click space for fight mode)
  • Speak Leah about snake. Patrick will come and talk about briefcase. Nvm that.
  • Go Ashley’s room and show terrarium to Leah.
  • Say to Leah, someone wanted to snake to be free to love its life.
  • Besides talk with Leah about to Leah’s defence studio. Tell her, sound interest and bully basics 101.
  • Go to the art room. Tell to Leah, youre the big boy. Open the cabinet , there is spray. Take it and talk to Leah. (i need to say this , be careful when you using phone light. Its ♥♥♥♥ing fall all the time.)
  • Go to the backyard for looking snake with light. Follow Leah, she will find katana. tell her, yah this is looking more and more like an asassin is hiding and maybe i could have someone take a look katana.
  • Go to the Amy. I directly go to Amy bcs he is Asian. Get in the house and you can talk someone else. But not important. Get out again, and Leah will whisper to you. Go and hide close to her and let her to take katana. Pick conversation that about Amy. Wait Frank’s speech.
  • Tell to Leah, look to the light. Leah will run away. You should talk Frank. In there tell to Frank, you need to come clean with Leah. (If you choose another option , probably you will help Frank, i didn’t try yet)
  • You will find Leah in back to the yard. (where Frank sucked you in Amy’s hunt mission)
    Open the light with your phone and through the Leah.
  • After you will see Frank on the roof. Tell to Leah , bring down Frank while .. (first choice)
    Take someting you can throw to Frank. You can find in fridge. If you keep clicking right , you will see power bar. 3 things you need to throw Frank and then he will fall. Leah will cut the snake.
  • Wait sometime. Find the Leah and ask about your gift. Follow. Say ‘what is it what is it’ bcs it is not what youre thinking. Fight with Frank (do not run away just fight , nothing is wrong) Then you get to ability to block. Then fight Frank again. (It is serious , so use block and punch) After beating Frank, tell to Leah, FOR Justice! and s*x! And talk again Leah, after is flap flap ..

I recognize someting. If you click a few more wallside position. Its changing. Awasome! Thank for reading. have fun.

Written by Pus*y Magnet

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  1. Hey , the guide seems to be good , my point is that I can’t get ashley to f*** without giving madison her phone , but next you need it in other mission. I think the solution to this is getting patrick’s phone.

  2. So in order to tell frank to come clean with leah , you need to become his friend you do that by giving him 6 alcoholic drinks either beers or merlot.


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