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How to Create and Join a Clan in V Rising

While V Rising can be played solo, much of its core gameplay is best experienced with friends and other players. For this reason, we highly recommend joining or forming a clan. Not only is it extremely simple, but it’ll allow you to take down V Blood carriers much easier, gather resources quicker, build and craft together, and ultimately defend your castle from other Vampire raiders.

In addition, clan benefits include a private chat channel, friendly fire off, and the ability to build together.

How to Create and Join a Clan

How to Create and Join a Clan

In order to create or join a clan, simply open the Clan menu (P by default) and select Create Clan. Enter both a Clan Name and Clan Message and press Create Clan. It’s that simple, you’ll now be the owner of a brand new clan!

To invite players to a clan, simply open the Clan menu and select Invite Player. Then, type the name of the player that is active and currently online in the server and they’ll receive an invite to join.

How to Talk in Global Chat and Voice Chat

If you’re looking to chat with those currently on your server, press Return and use the Tab key to cycle through both Local and Global chat. As you would expect, messages sent to Global chat can be seen across the entire server, whereas Local chat will only be seen by players that are within a certain distance.

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Furthermore, V Rising has an inbuilt voice chat that allows you to verbally communicate with any nearby players that happen to be connected. To change your Voice Chat settings, head into Options and select Sound. Next, scroll down to Voice Chat and you’ll find settings that allow you to Use Voice Chat, Auto Join Voice Chat, adjust the Voice Chat volume, and Push to Talk options.

Once you have adjusted your settings, you’ll find the Voice Chat menu when selecting the Social button – this is the last button along the right side of the screen and is displayed by a microphone.

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