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How to Gain Tons of Fertilizer in ARK: Survival Ascended

How to Gain Tons of Fertilizer in ARK: Survival Ascended

This will give you tons of fertilizer. It´ll also give you oil. You will need 2 dinos: Dung beetle and Phiomia.

Taming Phiomia and Dung Beetle

First you´ll need to tame these two dinos (if you dont have them already).

Phiomia can be found on southern beaches. The best way to tame it is to stop it using bola and then narcotize it using tranq arrows (or something better). Phiomia is a herbivore and it can be tamed by berries (usually the best type of berries is mejoberry) or basic kibble.

Dung beetle is harder to tame. It´s taming food is poop and spoiled meat ( you can use normal meat but it is not effective). It spawns in caves. I don´t know if it spawns in all caves but it surely spawns in the Lower South Cave. It is quite hard to survive there so you´ll need a gun and lots of ammo and a strong mount. Be carefoul with mount because there are not a lot of dinos that are small enough to enter the cave. When you´ll have killed some of those beasts (araneo, arthropleura, pulmonoscorpius and more) and be able to start taming a Dung beetle you found, tame it passive.

Put the taming food into the last slot in the hotbar and press E on the bug. It will show you how much % of taming it have. then wait until it will want to be fed again and feed it again and again.
Take the tamed bug by pressing E and leave the cave.

Laxative (making poop)

Phiomia woks as a poop machine. Take lots of berries and take the phiomia to your Dung beetle.
You won´t need narcoberry but you´ll need stimberries. Put berries into the phiomia.

The Dung beetle has to be in a cage or in a fence because you´ll have to enable wandering in it´s behavior. (Don´t make it too large because it probably won´t need it) Put as much spoiled meat into it´s inventory as possible.

Go into the phiomia´s inventory and start pressing E on stimberries. Phiomia will poop lot´s of poop and the Dung beetle will take it into it´s inventory over the weight limit.

Wait some time and the Bug will turn poop into oil and fertilizer. (if you´ll have more bugs it will be faster)

If the phiomia will have some new levels then put them into the food stat because stimberries lower it´s food.

Written by a.stastka

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