How to get custom skins on Multiversus

How to get custom skins on Multiversus

Get over 100 custom skins for Multiversus, Sasuke for Arya, Deadpool for Harley, Link for Shaggy and many others.

Custom Skin Example

Cell from Dragon Ball as Lebron James with two different Variants.

How to get custom skins on Multiversus

Where do I get the mods?

There’s a website with hundreds of Multiversus mods called gamebanana.

You will find skins for characters, map designs, new Soundpacks and many other things.

MODS WEBSITE (Gamebanana)

How to get the skins Tutorial

After going to the website mentioned before (here in case you missed it)[] you have to download the custom skins in order to “install” them.

1st step

How to get custom skins on Multiversus-224

Go to your multiversus install location
(Default: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonMultiVersusMultiVersusContentPaks)
Once you’re there create a new folder called “mods”

In case you can’t find your install location:
Head to your steam library, find Multiversus game. Right click on Multiversus and go to Properties.

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When a new steam window pops-up click on Local files and head to browse on the top left corner, that should take you to your Multiversus install location.

How to get custom skins on Multiversus-226

2nd step

Once you have downloaded the mods all you have to do is copy and paste the mods to the folder “mods” you’ve created earlier.

How to get custom skins on Multiversus-227

Simple as that.

PS: If you ever want to delete a skin all you have to do is delete the .pak file that you’ve pasted on the mod folder.

Are mods legit?

What these mods do is simply change the texture of the skin / map.
Only YOU will be able to see yourself with this custom skin, your opponent will see you exactly as you were before using the mods. Unless he’s using the mods too.

So yes, the answer to that question is YES, mods are completely legit because they don’t give you an advantage over your opponent.

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