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How to get wood in Fallout 76

Wood in Fallout 76 is a very important material for crafting – it’s used for crafting melee weapon or for cooking. It’s worth knowing how to get it – this page will help you with that.

How to get wood in Fallout 76

Watch your steps, so you don’t miss the logs.

Sources of wood can be found across the whole map. When you’re traveling, look for logs and wood piles – go to the object and press the interaction button to take some pieces to your inventory. It’s worth visiting various sawmills because you’ll find the most wood there.

The sawmill full of wood is located near the Top of the World and was marked in the picture with a red outline.

One of the best sawmills for farming wood is a location called Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp. This place is far from the starting locations, however, you’ll visit the nearby area during the quests: The Missing Link and Signal Strength either way, so you can save this trip for later. You’ll find many wood piles there. Note, that after you gather all the wood in that location, you can restart the game and the piles will be restored. That way you can collect unlimited amounts of wood.

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Scraping items

Collect items made out of wood.

The second way to farm the wood is slower but happens automatically when you explore the game world. You can scrap all the collected junk using any crafting table and get various materials. The type of material you’ll get depends on the type of scraped item, so if you dismount a broom or a pencil, you’ll get some wood. If you want to collect as much wood as possible, try to gather a lot of wooden junk.

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