How to make a crafting table in TF2

How to make a crafting table in TF2

This guide will teach you how to open your inventory to access the crafting interface which can allow you to make a crafting table.

Team Fortress 2 How to make a crafting table

In this tutorial I will be going over how to make a crafting table in Team Fortress 2. A crafting table is essential for creating items and progressing in Team Fortress 2 however the game doesn’t inform new players at all leading to confusion and trouble when they first begin this popular video game.

How to make a crafting table in TF2


So to begin this guide you will want to open your inventory.

  • Open your inventory by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard.

How to make a crafting table in TF2

After this step, your inventory is now open as you can see above. The inventory will display your character and the items you currently have. As you can see, I have already obtained 4 wooden planks by putting logs that I got from a nearby tree in the crafting interface which I will go over next.


In this section I will be going over the crafting interface and how to use it. This can be used to craft very beginner level items and one of these is the crafting table. Use your mouse to select the 4 wooden planks obtained from the last section and drag them into the four squares next to your character as seen in the image below.

How to make a crafting table in TF2

After this, the crafting table item should appear in the single square to the right of the crafting interface, select it with your mouse and put it in your inventory.


All you need to do now is to close your inventory

  • Press the “E” key to close your inventory

After this you may switch over to your newly created crafting table and you can place it anywhere.

How to make a crafting table in TF2

You are now ready to further progress in Team Fortress 2, I hope this guide has helped you get started and if you have any other questions feel free to comment and I will try and respond to as many as I can.

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