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How to make money fast in Wartales

Best tips for making money fast in Wartales.

#1 Making Money – Prisoners

A very good way to make some money quickly is taking prisoners. First you will need some shackles in order to actually take a prisoner. You can buy them from your local jailer:

Second, you need to hunt down some outlaws. This can be a group of bandits or deserters, as long as their didn’t play their rightful part in terms of the law. When in combat, soften a bandit up until they have less then 50% of their health and he is engaged with one of your bro’s. Now when you have another bro who didn’t use their default attack skill yet, move him up against the engaged bandit and you can use ‘knock out’ in order to stun and shackle him:

making money in wartales with prisoners

When successful he/she will be captured and join the troop after the battle. Having prisoners can also come in handy. You can use them as a pack mule or meatshield and some companion traits benefit from having prisoners as well. Note that you will have to feed and pay him/her, otherwise he or she will be a shackled corpse in no-time:

making money in wartales with prisoners

Should you decide to turn them in, bring them to the local jail to net some coins, for level 1 prisoners you get 100 bucks and the higher the level of your prisoner, you more gold you will get:

making money in wartales with prisoners

Besides getting some money, you will also lose suspension! It’s also a nice way to get rid of the local guards. Note that the prison only has space for 3 prisoners per day so don’t start collecting prisoners like pok√©mon since the upkeep can give you some troubles.

#2 Making Money – Contracts

Contracts!: As a mercenary group, your core business is doing wet work for people who don’t have the muscle to get things done. Check out the bounty board in the inn of the town and see if you’re up for the task.

If you reach level 2 in the Trade and Wealth path, you are able to negotiate better prices for bounty’s at the cost of influence points. Spending more influence points increases the chance for a successful haggle:

Making Money - Contracts

You can net the highest possible reward if you make 3 successful haggles. Should you fail any 3 of them, you cannot attempt any more and the price will be fixed.

#3 Making Money – Trading

Every town with a market area has a ‘special’ merchant who sells trade goods. For instance Strommkap sells Woollen cloth and Pottery:

Making Money - Trading
Making Money - Trading

The trick is, to buy these trade goods and sell them in another town to make a profit! You can also sell them to any wandering merchant but the farther away you sell those goods from its origin, the more profit you will make.

Also note that you have a Trade Goods Ledger! Here you can see all the trade goods you bought and sold and see what profit you made:

Making Money - Trading
Making Money - Trading

#4 Making Money – Being Naughty

Another way of becoming rich is simply by stealing stuff what isn’t yours! This way your suspicion level will rise and if too high, you’ll get the guards chasing after you in no time. Most items aren’t worth the trouble but what actually is worth the trouble is facing the guards since they have fancy pancy weapons and armor! If you’re confident and strong enough, take on the guards and they usually loot quite some nice items including quite some gold!

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