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V Rising How to mine Iron without Merciless Copper weapons

Some players struggle with mining Iron Ore because they have no access to Merciless Copper weapons. How to start mining Iron guaranteed?

So… you’ve slain the Bandit King

… unlocked the Iron Weapons recipes but you still have no Merciless Copper weapons that are required to mine Iron Ore.

First of all, a little PSA: you don’t need a Mace specifically to mine minerals, any weapon will do. So you need any of the Merciless Copper weapons. But if you have nothing at all?

You could stay for a while in Farbane and try to fish for recipes (no pun intended) or farm some paper and pray for luck. But what if I say you don’t need any of that?

Meet Iron Crossbow!

How to mine Iron without Merciless Copper weapons-8

Smithy requires 32 Iron Ingots and an iron weapon requires additional 20 on top of that. However, Iron Crossbow is craftable on Woodworking Bench. To craft it you will need:

  • 15 Iron Ingots or 300 Iron Ore (if you have Workshop Floor which you probably do)
  • 15 Iron Ingots or 225 Iron Ore (if you additionaly have Forge Floor)

This much Iron Ore is much more managable and you can gather it pretty easily in Haunted Iron Mine in chests and crates. You will only need 1 run or 2 at most to gather enough Ore.

So here we go. Your first iron weapon!

But I don’t like Crossbows!

Great news! Iron Crossbow is exactly what you need to mine Iron Ore properly. Yes, it works, just shoot it.

You can make the process a bit faster if you have Bear Form (you still need Iron Crossbow or any other Merciless Copper+ weapon equipped). Just make sure to not break the nodes with its Q ability, make sure to only use it when Iron nodes are at full HP.

Written by Bobrokrot

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