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HuniePop 2 Double Date Abia Nawazi Guide

Abia Nawazi Guide

Compatability & Shared favorites:

Movie Genre, Phone App, Theme Park Ride, Holiday

Music Genre, Online Activity, Outdoor Activity, Sunday Morning, Sex Position

Type of Exercise, Weather, Pet, Own Body Part, Porn Category

Drink, Ice Cream Flavor, Friday Night, School Subject, Place to Shop, Trait in Partner


Sex Addict: Abia will absorb sexuality tokens and randomly consume them every time a move is made on her.

Self-effacing: Abia will refuse to accept a gift until her date receives one.

One Pump Chump: A 4+ match directed at Abia will cause her to lose half her sentiment, excluding sentiment matches.


  • Most Desired Trait / Sexuality
  • Least Desired Trait / Talent
  • Favorite Shoe Type / Flats
  • Unique Gift Type / Kinky


  • Drink: Milk
  • Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry
  • Music Genre: Country
  • Movie Genre: Documentary
  • Online Activity: Porn
  • Phone App: Music Player
  • Type of Exercise: Swimming
  • Outdoor Activity: Sex
  • Theme Park Ride: Dollar Coaster
  • Friday Night: Go to Work
  • Sunday Morning: Masturbate
  • Weather: Gray & Rainy
  • Holiday: New Year’s Eve
  • Pet: Snake
  • School Subject: English
  • Place to Shop: Adult Shop
  • Trait in a Partner: Big Tits
  • Own Body Part: Pu**y
  • Sex Position: Oral
  • Porn Category: BDSM


Here’s a screenshot of the stats for those who’d prefer it:


Outfit NameLocation
Traditional(This is the default outfit)
Massage Spa
Secluded Cabana
Golf Course
ModestyPrivate Table
Rooftop Lounge
Arabian AllureCasino
Strip Club
InvisikiniCruise Ship
Poolside Bar
Secret Grotto
Silk RoadRoyal Suite
Morning Delight(Redeemable with a code)
(doesn’t count towards 100%)
Airport Security(Purchasable after Alpha Mode is unlocked)
Assassin(Purchasable after Alpha Mode is unlocked)
Birthday Suit(Purchasable after Alpha Mode is unlocked)
Written by Ashelaain

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