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Hybrid Crops & Trees | Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Hybrid Crops & Trees | Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

  • Hybrids can start to be made during your 2nd year after unlocking Vinnie.
  • Something important to note is, sometimes it will take more than one attempt to get a hybrid to be made.
  • While I’m not certain about this, if you get the animation of Vinnie eating the two crops / seeds, this is an indicator a hybrid could come from that combination.
  • Given the number of Hybrids, it will take me a bit to try out all the combinations and will keep adding as I do. I’ll mostly be posting one way to unlock it, but will try to add more alternatives.

Flowers Role in Creating & Upgrading Hybrids

There are four flowers that can be used in the hybrid process!

  • Trick Blue Flower – Will create a blue version of your hybrid. Works for Tier 1 & Tier 2 only and for both Crops & Trees (including seeds).
  • Upseed Flower – Usable for with Crops & Crop Seeds. Adding this will upgrade your seeds to S – Rank.
  • Happy Lamp Flower – Usable with Crops & Crop Seeds. Adding this will upgrade your seeds to be able to planted year-round. This is symbolized by an outlined diamond shape next to the name.
  • Sagesoil Flower – Usable with Crops & Crop Seeds. Adding this will upgrade your seeds to be grown in all soil types. This is symbolized by a filled-in diamond shape next to the seeds name.
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Once you have enough flowers, you can also take a seed and use Upseed, Happy Lamp and Sagesoil flowers (one at a time) to create seeds that are S-rank and can be grown all-seasons and all soil types!

Tier One & Two Hybrid Crops

Tier One Crops (Non-Hybrid)

  • Tomato
  • Strawberry
  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Potato
  • Turnip
  • Carrot
  • Sweet Potato

Tier Two Crops (Hybrid)

HybridCrop1Crop2Harvest Season
SweeturnTurnipSweet PotatoWinter-Summer
TurnblueTurnipTrick Blue FlowerWinter-Summer
SwarrotCarrotSweet PotatoSummer-Fall
CarroblueCarrotTrick Blue FlowerSummer-Fall
SweeblueSweet PotatoTrick Blue FlowerFall
PototoPotatoSweet PotatoWinter-Summer
BluetatoPotatoTrick Blue FlowerWinter-Summer
GreetomaTomatoWatermelonSpring – Fall
BerrytomaTomatoStrawberrySpring – Fall
MelotomaTomatoMelonSpring – Fall
TurnmatoTomatoTurnipSpring – Fall
TocarroTomatoCarrotSpring – Fall
SweetomaTomatoSweet PotatoSpring – Fall
PomatoTomatoPotatoSpring – Fall
BluematoTomatoTrick Blue FlowerSpring – Fall
StrawsweetStrawberrySweet PotatoFall-Spring
StrawblueyStrawberryTrick Blue FlowerFall-Spring
StrawmeloWatermelonStrawberrySpring – Summer
MeloMeloWatermelonMelonSpring – Summer
WaturnipWatermelonTurnipSpring – Summer
CarromelWatermelonCarrotSpring – Summer
MelosweetWatermelonSweet PotatoSpring – Summer
WatatoWatermelonPotatoSpring – Summer
WaterblueWatermelonTrick Blue FlowerSpring – Summer
SweetmelMelonSweet PotatoSummer-Fall
MeloblueMelonTrick Blue FlowerSummer-Fall

Tier Three Hybrid Crops

Tier 3 Crop Hybrids

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Each of the Tier 3 Hybrids you can name yourself.

Important: These combinations may take multiple attempts to create that hybrid.

Fun Fact: The musical instrument Hybrids will make a sound as you walk by them!

HybridCrop1Crop22Harvest SeasonDescription
NewCrop1MeloMeloWaturnipTBALooks Similar to a Lime Green Curvy Pear
NewCrop2BerrymeloGreetomaTBALooks Similar to a Deep green Squash or pumpkin
NewCrop3MelotomaTurnmatoTBALooks Like a Peanut
NewCrop4WatatoMelosweetTBALooks Similar to a Eggplant
NewCrop5CameloTurnmelonTBALooks Similar to a Yellow pea pod
NewCrop6CarberryPocaroTBALooks Similar to a Horseradish
NewCrop7SweeturnSwarrotTBALooks Similar to an Edamame
NewCrop8CarberrySwarrotTBALooks Similar to a Yellow/ Orange Root Cluster
NewCrop9PotameloPocaroTBALooks Similar to a Fingerling Potato
NewCrop10BerrymeloTurnberryTBALooks Similar to a Purple jingle bell
NewCrop11TurnberryTurnmelonTBALooks Similar to a Upside-down maraca
NewCrop12BerrymeloCaroturnTBALooks Similar to a Cymbal (The musical Instrument)
NewCrop13CarberryCameloTBALooks Similar to a Red Whistle
NewCrop14SweeturnPocaroTBALooks Similar to Garlic
NewCrop15PotameloSweetmelTBALooks Similar to a Fig or Purple Garlic
NewCrop16MelosweetSweetmelTBALooks Sweet Potato-shaped but colored like a potato
NewCrop17CaroturnSweeturnTBALooks Similar to a White bean with green ontop
NewCrop18BerrymeloTurnmatoTBALooks like a Red lightbulb
NewCrop19BerrymeloCarromelTBALooks like a Blue lightbulb
NewCrop20BerrymeloCarberryTBALooks like a Yellow lightbulb
NewCrop21BerrymeloTurnmelonTBALooks like a Purple lightbulb
NewCrop22CaroturnPoturnipTBALooks like a pastel green root shape
NewCrop23SweeturnMelotomaTBAMust be created between 6pm – 5:59am. Looks like a Silver ginger root
NewCrop24SweeturnMelotomaTBAMust be created between 6am – 5:59pm Looks like a Gold ginger root
NewCrop25CarberryPomatoTBALooks like a Light green speckled ocarina
NewCrop26StrawmeloPocaroTBALooks like a Purple / Pink set of Castanets
NewCrop27CarromelSweetmelTBALooks like a piece of candy in a blue wrapper
NewCrop28CameloPotameloTBALooks Star-shaped
NewCrop29PototoTurnmelonTBALooks doughnut-shaped
NewCrop30CarromelSweeturnTBALooks like a Pink Teacup
NewCrop31StrawsweetBerrytomaTBALooks like a Pink teapot
NewCrop32WatatoPoturnipTBALooks like a Rainbow disco ball
NewCrop33TurnmelonPoberrytoTBALooks like a Red Lantern
NewCrop34StrawsweetPocaroTBALooks like a Green Soccer Ball
NewCrop35StrawsweetMeloMeloTBALooks like an Orange Basketball
NewCrop36StrawsweetPotameloTBALooks like a Red Football
NewCrop37WatatoTurnmelonTBALooks like a Green-striped pumpkin
NewCrop38CameloSweetmelTBALooks like an Artichoke

Hybrid Trees

Tier One Trees (Non-Hybrid)

  • Peach
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Grape
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Tier Two Trees (Hybrid)

HybridTree1Tree2Harvest Season
PeabluPeachTrick Blue FlowerSummer
BluenanaBananaTrick Blue FlowerSummer
BlorangeOrangeTrick Blue FlowerSpring
AbbluAppleTrick Blue FlowerFall
GrablueGrapeTrick Blue FlowerFall

Tier 3 Hybrids

Each of the Tier 3 Hybrids you can name yourself.

Important: These combinations may take multiple attempts to create that hybrid.

HybridTree1Tree2Harvest SeasonDescription
New1PananaBanorangeSummerLooks Similar to a Durian Fruit
New2PananaGrappleSummerLooks Similar to a Star Fruit
New3PappleBanorangeSpringLooks Like a Golden Apple with a Tan on Top
New4GreachOrappleFallLooks Similar to a Granny Smith Apple
New5GreachGrorangeWinterLooks Similar to a Coconut
New6GreachGrappleFallLooks Similar to a Fig
New7BanorangeOrappleWinterLooks Similar to a Persimmon
New8BanorangeGrappleFallLooks Similar to a Chestnut
New9GrananaPorangeSummerLooks Similar to a Kiwi Fruit
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