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Hydroneer Icehelm Forge Guide

You wanna know how to use the amazing Icehelm Forge?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

In the following guide, you will learn how the forge works and what exactly it does.

Finding the Forge

The forge is located in the depicted area on the map below.

Icehelm Forge: How-To

Once you’ve arrived, you will immediately notice two weird chutes to the right of the entrance:

Icehelm Forge: How-To-2

You might ask yourself: What are these for?

These are travel paths that you can use for your loot, so you don’t have to carry everything one-by-one to and from the forge.

The right one moves your resources from the outside to the forge, while the left one moves things you built—or bought—from the forge back outside.

Neat, right?

Next, move through the entrance on the left and go down the lift. You can also fall down if you don’t want to wait for it, since currently there is no fall damage in the game.

Ooooohh, Icehelm Forge

Bathe in the glorious aura of the Icehelm Forge~

Icehelm Forge: How-To-3

In front of you, you will see the main part of the forge, the forge itself.

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If you go right, you will get to the store.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-4

In the store you can buy various goodies like pipes, conveyors, etc.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-5

Now for the juicy bits:

You can also buy Masterwork Designs, which we will need.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-6

Going from left to right, you can buy the designs for drillsintake boosters, and harvesters.
As you can also see, they are labeled T1 and T2, which stand for Tier 1 and Tier 2, respectively. Those also correspond to the materials we need to make these. But more of that further down.

Keep in mind that you ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE of these designs. They do not disappear when you use them; they can be re-used as many times as you want.

Also, if you are wondering, the intake boosters boost your water pressure from your intake pipe. You can have up to four boosters per intake pipe, which are placed at the side of the intake pipe.

BUT REMEMBER: Iron Boosters can only be used with Iron Intake Pipes, and vice versa for the Cloutium versions; NO MIXY MATCH 

Nevermind, apparently they CAN be mixed now.

Here are the prices for all designs, as of the writing date of this guide:

Iron Drill Masterwork Design184c
Cloutium Drill MD1320c
Iron Intake Booster Design82c
Cloutium Intake Booster Design454c
Iron Harvester MD122c
Cloutium Harvester MD980c

Forgin’ Dreams

With our newly bought design, we will go back in front of the anvil of the forge.

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To the right of it, you can see a quick and easy picture-guide on how to use it:

Icehelm Forge: How-To-7
I will still go a bit over the steps though. :b

1) Place Template on the Padestal next to the Stairs of the Anvil:

Icehelm Forge: How-To-8

2) Put the Resource with the required Weight Amount in the Forge Crucible:

Icehelm Forge: How-To-9

Wait a minute, what do you mean “weight”?

Weight is the second stat resources have, after the selling prices.
To forge our items, you’ll need the weight of resources required by each design.

Here are the weight requirements for each design:

Iron Drill Masterwork Design300 Weight Units in Iron
Cloutium Drill MD300 WU in Cloutium (for some reason the design also shows 1000, but this could just be a model issue)
Iron Intake Booster Design60 WU Iron
Cloutium Intake Booster Design60 WU Cloutium
Iron Harvester MD100 WU Iron
Cloutium Harvester MD300 WU Cloutium

T1 designs require Iron, while T2 designs, on the other hand, require Cloutium (and Iron), which can be pretty rare at the start of the game.

For example, in the picture above, the drill requires 300 weight units of iron.

Forbidden Chocolate Bars

I recommend smelting all of your iron or cloutium ore into bars, so figuring out the weight is easier.
This can be accomplished by putting them inside either a crucible and furnace and using the bar cast, or, which I use, utilizing a smelter, since it does the job of all three things above.

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Icehelm Forge: How-To-10

To see the weight of a bar, you will need a scale, which you can purchase at various stores, or at the icehelm forge itself, for 146c.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-11

As you can see here, this iron bar weighs 316.3 weight units. Just enough for us to cast our drill. :b

If your bars don’t weigh enough, you can always re-add them to a crucible or smelter to smelt them back down.

2.5) Finding the Resources in the Forge

Remember how I mentioned those transport paths earlier?

You can find the exit point of our outside belt in the area below the anvil.
Now, you can either go walk the way, which goes back along to the shop, or, if you want to get there faster, you can drop down between the grate. It’s pretty easy to fall down, actually.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-12

In the middle of the room, you can also see another transport path leading back outside.
This is due to the fact that you can also buy a vertical dig site for around 7200c right there.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-13

3) Press the Lever and Enjoy~

If you did everything correctly so far, your item should now be cast.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-14

If you don’t have enough resources for the cast or accidentally threw a bar in, you can get it back by removing any template from the pedestal and then pulling the lever.

In addition to our finished product, you will also get back the excess resources that you put in the forge crucible. This can be found on the front-left side, when facing the anvil.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-15

You can place all of your items on the transport path located left of the anvil to save time.

Icehelm Forge: How-To-16

Finishing Words


Icehelm Forge: How-To-17

You now got a new and shiny upgrade for your setup!

Also, if you wanna know how to build a pretty solid early-game ore farm, why not check out my other guide, which you can find below.


Written by Gromps

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