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Icarus How to earn 250-350+ Credits Per Hour

Simple guide to earn anywhere from 250-350+ Credits per hour, plus tips to increase that.

Step 1: Start the Strange Harvest: Bio-Research Mission

As shown below.

How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour-8

Step 2: Follow the run path shown

Follow the run path shown. No weapons/Armor/Food is needed, just start running. Listen carefully for any bears/wolves, and give them a wide berth.

How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour-9

Objective 1:
How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour

Objective 2:
How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour-1

Objective 3:
How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour-2

Step 3: Run to Dropship, Finish.

You should be able to finish it solo in around ~9-11 minutes, gaining you 50 credits.

Quicker with a team of 2, I’ve managed just under 7 minutes on a good run where the dropship has landed closer to Objective 3.

Tips and Tricks:

Tips and tricks for faster runs:

  • Don’t get to close to the plant when you harvest it. If you go to close, it will poison you.
  • Do it with a friend and have the host go to the first Objective. Have 2nd person run to First and Third objective. You can get this down to under 7-8 minutes.
  • Get the Swift Survivor skill (Exploration Tree) for additional speed. 10% extra speed
  • Get the Bow Agility skill (Bow Tree), and soon as you drop, make and equip a bow (No ammo needed) 10% extra speed
  • Unlock any Workshop bow, so that you start with one instead of having to make one for the above tip.
  • x2 Mass Dampener Modules in the Workshop (You will need atleast a Xigo “Duo” S5 Envirosuit that has 2 suit module slots). When you are dropping each time, use that time to equip the Mass Dampener Modules. 10% extra speed (5% per Dampener)
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How to earn 250+ Credits Per Hour-3
  • Optionally if solo, get the Fleet Footed skill from the Solo tree. 10% extra speed.
  • If you are having trouble hearing the Bears, consider upgrading your headset and adjusting your ingame audio. I highly recommend the HyperX Cloud II’s or Logitech G432’s.

Overall extra move speed: 30% (40% if solo)

Written by Klawful

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