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Icarus Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Want to save your time and avoid some mistakes? Here is a few helpful tips for Icarus release build!

Icarus Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Don’t do first mission. After drop, immideatly returns to the station. Mission will complete and you will unlock mission with actual rewards.

Don’t build full base every mission. You will be surprised how many missions do not requre to have a base at all. You can hide at cavern entrance from storm, or even skip night by sleeping there. You can even hide from storm under single angled roof placed next to mountain wall! Crouch under – and you will be protected from exposure. Or even you can place bed there and bed will be not exposed too. But trick with bed works not every time.

Basic tools is you best friends. Many missions can be done with simple stone tools, no need for iron tools at all most time.

Do not skip bone sickle In the desert missions there is not much fiber if you will gather it with hands, but with bone sickle you can gather 3 times more and to get sickle its enough to kill usually 2 predators. Bone sickle is great tool for desert!

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Power of cloth armor. Don’t ignore it, its one of the best armors in the game! You don’t need any bench to craft it, and it gives +5% speed bonus. Speed is essential for Icarus. You will be surprised, but cloth armor is enough to survive at arctic missions!

Always put talents points into speed bonuses. No matter what build you are planning, you should invest your first 6 talent points into speed – 3 at survival tree, and 3 for running with a knife. You will get +20% speed bonus when holding a knife, and since 90% of this game you are running somewhere, speed is most essential for anything – dodging, running away from predators, etc.

Don’t buy first two enviro suits from workshop. There is no sense to buy first two enviro suits, research them but wait until you will research suit with 2 module slots, this one is really worth. Save you currency!

Workshop best items. Oxygen tank and water cantine from workshop is most valuable items that you can research! Buying them will alow you to save talent points on same items! While water cantine is usable at any mission (just drink water once), oxygen tank is not hard to fill too. Build 1 tile house, place workbench there, make a oxygen station, pick workstation and place oxygen station instead. Fill the oxygen tank and you will have no problem with breathing until end of mission!

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Use Deathport for quck return. Deathport is teleporting back to your drop pad by dying from anything. Best way is to climb high cliff and jump down. When your level is low (till 20), and you don’t have any items with you from workshop (exept enviro suit that you cannot lose on death) – this method is acceptable. At some missions traveling back to your drop pod can be so long and hard, so even with exp penalty its worth do die to quickly finish the mission.

Diying without losing experince. Let say you are high level, and almost hit another one. But at beginning of mission you somehow died. You will lose all level progress, right? No! Don’t press respawn button, and quit to the main menu while you are still dead. Then remove yourself from prospect. Mission will be canceled, but you will not lose any XP at all! Worth it or not – deside yourself!

Never lose you workshop items. You died in the far, hard to reach region, without bed placed nearby, and realise that you don’t have any possibility to get back your workshop gear before it will dissapear? Don’t worry! Quit to main menu, and remove you character from prospect! Mission will be canceled, but you will get all you workshop gear back!

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Deal with cave worms like a pro. When you spotted cave worms, run back, make a single wood wall, and place it in front of worms spawn points. Now just hide behind the wall from their poison attacks, and easy kill them with bow.

Easily avoid predators at scan missions. Its very simple – just run away from radar after activation far enough, and spawned predators will not see you, After a while they will just walk away, no need to even kill them.

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