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Ideology in Friction: Uncensor Patch (English 18+ Content)

Ideology in Friction is the story of two knights, Clacier and Annette. They’re forced into an impossible situation where they must make a decision that would change their entire lives. What will become of these two knights? Find out in Ideology in Friction!

Ideology in Friction Uncensor Patch

This guide will help you unlock the adult mode of the Ideology in Friction game.

Download Uncensor Patch from this links:

English patch only: https://kaguragames.com/ideologyinfriction-patch/
English patch v3 alt download link: https://t.co/rPmyC3Ywtn

Flowchart: https://t.co/hOw49h2N3V

Then unzip the archive (18+ Patch).

Navigate to the location of game data directory. This is default directory for most user:

  • …\steamapps\common\Ideology in Friction\Ideology in Friction_Data

Just replace “steamapps\common” with your steam library root path that installed Ideology in Friction.

Play the game and have fun!

1 thought on “Ideology in Friction: Uncensor Patch (English 18+ Content)”

  1. There’s something strange from my copy – since the one I’ve gotten is 1.00, I’ve tried to update it using the latest 1.05 [or v4 in official KAGURA site]…

    However, whenever I’ve completed the patch, the game now cannot be launched, saying anything close to ‘NoMethodError’ and ‘undefined method ‘include’ for nil:NilClass’ backtrace…

    Any help I can get?


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