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Idle Calibur Beginner’s Guide

Learn all about idle calibur, from shop, to city to battle and open world. Will add a begginers guide video/series in the near future!


When starting the game, it will instantly throw you into an expedition, one of the non idle part of the game. It’s overwhelming at first but get easier once you know what each icon do either by reading this guide or with experience

First of all, swords, If an icon has sword under it, it mean there will be a fight before the event

Overview of Idle calibur

And if there is a big skull in the top corner, the enemy will be stronger.

Overview of Idle calibur


Overview of Idle calibur

The map will trigger a random event, although i do not have them all on hand, here’s a few example

  • Recruit mercenary (give troop)
  • Help a fox (sometimes give bounty)
  • Fishing (give food)
  • Meet a healer (buy heal or buy potion)
  • You hear a noise (mini-game, try to keep the line inside the middle were the sword is)
  • Chance to get cursed
  • etc


Overview of Idle calibur

The hourglass will allow you to do one of these only :

  • Rest (give food and hp)
  • Train soldier : Mini-game, stop the line toward the middle, can train to 30% inside the green line
    or infinite if you stop in the target (sometime doesn’t work on the extremity of the target)
  • Train hero : not too sure about the specifics


Overview of Idle calibur

The chest will give you a temporary relics (4 choice), that will only boost your stat till the end of the expedition.

i do not have a list of all relics unfortunatly but the text are translated and should be easy to understand


Overview of Idle calibur

The castle is a city, where you can do all of these :

  • Dealer : Buy relics, food or healing items
  • Rest at an inn for 50 gold : Heal hp
  • Recruit : Buy more troop


Overview of Idle calibur

There is two quest, one is to bring the people to a city (castle icon).
The other is to win a battle.

Once done, you will get a virtue which will allow you to open the angel chest

Angel Chest

Overview of Idle calibur

The angel chest will let you select between an angel deal (heal 30% of hp, but get rid of one relic)
or a random relicsout of the 3 choice.

Demon chest

Overview of Idle calibur

First you will lose all your virtue.
Then, the demon chest will first make you do the mini game. If you fail to land the cursor in the zone, you will get cursed (see curse section). If you succeed you will lose 20% hp and get a choice between devil contract or 3 other relics (can only choose one) If you super succeed, you will not lose hp before getting the choice from above

If you take the demon deal, you will lose 30% hp and the 3 random relics will be rerolled into others relics


In the endless mode, or if you are unlucky in demon chest or map event, you an receive a curse.
Here’s a few example of some curse

  • Boss get 10% stronger
  • All enemy get 20% stronger
  • After each event lose 20% health
  • After each event, lose a random number of food
  • -2 sp regeneration
  • 10% chance to miss your attack
  • Etc

At the end of any expedition, you will fight a boss, and managing to beat it will give you a chest based on the difficulty you choose.


Overview of Idle calibur

You are done with your first expedition great, From the expedition, you probably received bounty, its time to spend them

I believe once you beat the Hard expedition, you will unlock the 5 stars chest, and once you beat legend you receive the 6 star chest (or medium and hard, if someone has the real info it would be great)

I believe you can get some free stuff by clicking on the red gift if its your first time playing.

Overview of Idle calibur

Heroes and Menu

Overview of Idle calibur
Overview of Idle calibur

You can either access the menu by clicking it or right clicking on your home screen


See your heroes health. Almost no real use as you can just try to use a potion to see their health




You can change the battle size to 200 people so the bigger battle from the open world take less time.

I have also read in a discussion thread that you can minimize it to 20 people that way it is easier to win harder battle as your main force will be there at all time unless they die


Get back to the home screen, or if you already are there, allow you to manual save or quit the game.


To unlock more heroes, you will need to use your recruit letter in your inventory (items)

I Believe there is currently 7 available 6 star heroes from recruit letter, and another one you can buy in the pub.

The heroes dropped are random, but there is one way to 100% get a 6 stars. In the city, you can build a Temple and once build you can do a divination for 10 mana each day. this will reward you with luck coins, and by pressing exchange, you can buy a luck amulet. it will automatically be used next time you open an invitation letter.

You can also unlock heroes using invite letter, although not recommended as you can get them all without it. better to save them to buy troop for when you’ll try harder battle

The item is also where you can use the various chest you get from expedition/exchange.
Most of the item can only be used on your home screen though, as being in other place like city won’t work


You Can select which member you want on your team there. I unfortunately do not know the meta, my personal team is full of 6 stars, But how?


Each time you level up your character, you will get skill points. You can also exchange perk points for a skill book which give you 2 skill points

To level up your heroes, go into your inventory and use memory (the more star the more exp)

General skill
Everything in there is good, although saving 30 points to get future star is hard in the beginning.

There is also legendary luck that cost 30 and currently, i never gotten less than 60 luck while getting my fortune told so not sure of the real use of this skill.

Weapon Skill

The first column is useful, the other will depend on what the meta is

Magic Skill

Same as above although you might not need the last one of the first column if you are going for the healing skill

Talent the stat improvement seems small and should be saved for later.


You can equip one of your recently acquired skill onto your own heroes (heroes received already have their preset skill) as well as equip equipment to all of them

Hero Max level

Depending on the rarity of your heroes, their max level will change. 6 stars is 30, 5 star is 25 etc?

There is 2 way to augment the max level.

1. reaching the liking degree of 10 with someone and giving them a wedding ring / bestie ring

2. Getting a hero memory.

You can get a hero memory either by finishing the daily challenge, buying it in the limited shop, or i believe from a legend chest although rare.

Memory 5☆

Although you might be tempted to use them, i would recommend to keep them to upgrade your troop with your barrack once needed, to be ready for big battle in the future

Affairs and city


Overview of Idle calibur

There is 3 thing you can do in affairs

Conduct affair
The text will tell you the popular feeling, order, with your national income, Followed by a prompt each hour

Prompt will give you a choice, and depending on the choice you make, you will augment your popular feeling or your order, or lower you national income (less taxes)

Task policy
I believe once an hour, one hero will perform a task and give you the chosen reward

Signboard change
Change the heroes on your home screen


Overview of Idle calibur
Overview of Idle calibur

Will allow you to buy better troop the higher you level it up. Max lvl 4? maybe 3 please enlighten me

Will allow you store soldier (if you have trained soldier or invite letter soldier its good to keep them store until you are ready to use them for big battle)

It will also allow you to train them so they get better stat using the memory 5 mentioned earlier

Will give you coins and food, pretty useless as buying food in shop only cost 5 and getting more gold then that is easier, only level up if everything else is levelled up

Magic School
Produce mana based on level, and allow you to unequipped all equipment work on every heroes at the same time Max lvl 10

Alchemy room
Allow you to craft permanent stat up potion, change your stuff into mana or vice versa, make gender switching potion, or a skill reset elixir

Produce stuff based on level, allow you to craft legendary weapon and allow you to upgrade your already owned armour and weapon

Also also you to mass melt your weak armor and weapon

The temple will allow you to read your fortune once a day for 10 mana and give you a random amount of luck.

These luck can now be exchange in the temple for lucj charm and amulet

Hourly; Shop, Pub and arena

Each of these thing reset hourly, or by the use of the hourglass for free once a day or for 30 bounty whenever.

Overview of Idle calibur


Overview of Idle calibur

The alchemist and grocer sill sell you magic and ring, weapon and armour respectively , the higher your investment level the more chance the item will be of rarer quality.

You can also buy the gift (upgrade liking degree by 1) each hour and same thing for the limited time which will be a random item (legend chest, hero memory, memory4, etc…)

You can purchase the wedding ring and bestie ring from the maid. (max lvl)

Future and economics work a little bit like the stock market. You buy them in the green, and sell them in the red. For a better understanding, you have a buy price under most item, if the price is a 20+ gold under the buy price, you should buy a lots of them, and then sell them when the price is 20+ over the buy price. economics doesn’t really help honestly

Investment is the level of the shop, the higher the level the more chance the item quality will be higher.


You can either enter the pub from the mascot in the shop/arena, or from go

On the left, you can collect the hero if you bough the dlc

Gold job give you gold, exp job give you memory to use and improved job give you magic gems,

By doing one each hour (you can do them all but only the first one done give you the letter), you will get a thanks you letter that you can trade to the letter exchange

You can change the difficulty to get better reward with the bartender

You can also access the place of survival with the bartender. Its an endless boss fight getting harder and harder and you can do it once an hour also. can help you get boss soul for elixir amongst other thing


You can either enter the arena from the mascot in the shop/pub, or from go.

You can either do mock battle(pair exercise) with two of your heroes against each other

You can check your record of win/lose (no points?)

And finally you can compete in the arena, champion is 1v1, normal and superior can be 1v1 or 3v3. Champion give you 3 hero card, superior 2 normal 1, and a 3 win streak give you 1 more card.
You can exchange your card in the reward, an quick way to get perk for all your hero in early game imo.

Go and finally the idle part

Overview of Idle calibur

Overview of Idle calibur

Already mentioned in previous section (ctrl + f to search)

Overview of Idle calibur

The first 4 are exactly like the first dungeon you have ever done, but a bit harder each time, i would recommend going for the next difficulty when most of your troop aren’t dying to the final boss.

The endless expedition is practically the same, but give you a curse each time you beat the final boss

Overview of Idle calibur

Open world

In the open world, your goal is to capture village, to improve your national income. You can fish for food, go to village to rest or recruit, attack random mobs, + a few special thing that give relics and attack fortress around the map.

The closest village inst the easiest, sabana had 1– troops, while other fortress like ariel had 32 troops buhalaton 28, or a bit more like loria and xaar at both 60.

After capturing all city, the next time you respawn you’ll have a crystal appearing next to your base asking you if you want to reset the open world which will make it 10% harder, but on my second playthrough, loria had 120 forces.. your national income will not reset, and you will be able to get it even higher with each new city captured.

Daily challenge

The daily challenge will give you one here memory amongst less valuable other thing. you can complete it once a day (i don’t know why i’m writing this its obvious)

Boss Scuffle

Boss scuffle will give you some boss souls used for crafting elixir. It act like a normal expedition

The place of survival was talked about earlier

Mock battle

Allow you to test your power against boss 1 – 10% stronger so 10 = 100% stronger

Idle Battle

The only thing idle about this game is the idle battle, you choose what do you want (gold, memory, booty stuff/mana) and you let the game open in the background while your troop fight. this is more effective than most thing, so if you want to farm stuff thats the way.


There you go, this was more of an overview guide to get started, the next step in your journey will be to get strong enough to pass the dragon key/ taboo book / ancient slate. I personally have tried the dragon key twice so far with my 7 6star heroes lvl 30 and died to the boss (had 10 neko, 30 ronin archer and 20 dragon rider.

I am currently playing once a day for the hero memory and getting more boss soul for elixir.

Written by Cuttyflame_

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