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Idle Wizard Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Idle Wizard has a great sense of learn as you go and don’t look back, which is great in the gaming perspective as you unlock and create a world in your own head and trying to decipher what everything means. But, as a new player, it can get very intimidating when you don’t know what to do nor how to do it. So, here are some wonderful tips that should help you:

Idle Wizard Tips and Tricks

1) There is a Tutorial! Found on the Help Page (“H”) which gives a Secret, and has valuable information that you’ve wanted to know.

2) The Settings (“C”) has amazing things:

Shard Drop – turns off the Spell Shards (blue runes) that come off of the orb when clicked.

Saving –┬áThere are two main types of saving, the Cloud and Export/Import.

The Cloud saves information to your window, but is restricted to wifi & server connection.

The Export gives you a strand of code, put it into a Notepad and save it. You can Import that information into the game to open up right where you left off. Always Export before going offline!

The saves are all time stamped with the information, so you will receive all the stuff that you missed while offline. You can also send the information to open the game on another computer or tab, giving you ease of mind to experiment without worrying too much about losing all the progress that you’ve made within your actual game.

Hero Quotes can be turned off, especially when they can talk too much.

Number Display can be changed to Scientific Notation (eg: 1e10 is 10 Billion), Highly recommended.

Floating Numbers allows you to physically see most of the numbers & everything that is going on; Mana gained from clicking the orb, auto-clicking summons & pets influence, Critical click confirmation, as well as the handy ability to see how most Spell Shards are distributed, and Void mana gained per entity, as well as a few other cool tips.

3) Hovering over almost anything will give you a lot of information. If you have a question, Hover first.

4) Unlocking & Equipping – After you unlock something, equip it. Then you will only have to meet the level requirement to use it again, this works for both Classes and Pets.

Example*: Prodigy requires: Level 30, 4 Hours of Gameplay (in one run), 300 Nexus, and 150 Upgrades, While being an Apprentice. After you complete all the requirements and have become the Prodigy, you will only need to be a Level 30 Apprentice to use the Prodigy again.

Note*: A good strategy is: Play a normal run, and right before you Exile, equip any new pets that you unlocked during the run, it will save you time later when you actually want to use it.

5) Hotkeys! Almost everything has a hotkey, or shortcut to get around (All of which are found in the Help Menu “H”)

6) “More” Information Boxes

More Statistics Page (“Shift + S”) has so much valuable information: Mana collection, Clicks & Criticals, Void Entity duration (especially for combos), Class/Pet information & Experience gain, Idle Mode bonus, Run time & Overall time played, Math, and so much more.

More Achievements Page (“Shift + A”) has so much information on all Achievements, from: Achievement points, how to get it more, which ones you already how, how many there are, and provides the mysterious Secret page.

Activated Upgrades shows all Upgrades that you’ve bought, and what they do. It is very helpful for determining math and how beneficial Golem will be.

7) Attributes! Can be reset upon Each Exile for free, as long as you mark the box. The “Free Reset” for Attributes, found on the Attribute page, is for a one time use (mainly for changing your Attributes mid-run), but you can buy more within the Market (“M”). Also, don’t freak out about the timer for the next attribute being completely outrageous as: The Attribute Timer changes depending on 1Previous timed Attributes, the 2Hero’s Level, and the overall 3Mysteries earned.

8) Refreshing your page can fix a lot of technical issues, including; fixing the displays, updating numbers, receiving some uncollected Achievements, fixing some offline problems/errors, as well as updating the playfab server system, Kongregate chat, and the Idle Wizard game. Just make sure to Save, or Export, before you do.

9) Challenges! are a great resource to the game, with many benefits and rewards. Most challenges can be completed right after you unlock them, though some challenges (especially those with timers) are easier done with more Mysteries & Attribute points.


Once you have acquired 50 Attribute Points, you will unlock Paragon Level 2, thus gaining access to Challenges; found within the Journal as a new tab, right next to Paragon. Challenges are a whole new game, and will Exile your current run.

Things you should know:

  • Requirements – What you need in order to Start the Challenge
  • Rules – How to Play the Challenge
  • Objective – How to Complete the Challenge
  • Reward – The Prize for finishing the Challenge

Each Challenge will only give a single reward. Once a Challenge is completed, it will have a Seal tied to it. You can replay any Challenges that you would like, and as many times as you would like, but usually for Secret’s sake. (Most Challenges lock Persistent Spells, Achievements, Mystery Profit, and many other things. Some Challenges will become visible after prerequisite challenges are completed.)

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