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Idling to Rule the Gods – How to tackle Clone Buildup Challenge

This guide gives a strategy to beat Clone Buildup Challenge, or CBC, in one and half days. It also gives some tips and tricks and stuff to do to prepare for such a challenge.

What is CBC and what it requires?

Clone Buildup Challenge, from here on CBC, is one of the many special challenges that you can start right after you have beaten Baal for the first time.

I will use a bunch of commonly used abbreviations throughout this guide. The list of these is given at the end.

Challenge restrictions

When starting the challenge, your:

  • Maximum clone count resets to 1000.
  • Total Might score resets back to 0.
  • Stat multipliers reset back to 0.
  • God power and most* GP purchases (including Improved Next At**) reset to none.
  • Crystal power resets to 0.
  • Planet is inaccessible throughout the challenge. No easy killing of clones at end of rebirth, I’m afraid.

Don’t worry, you will get everything back after beating the challenge.

It’s basically like starting again from the beginning, except for a few key differences.

You do retain the following items:

  • Training caps
  • The rewards from most other challenges
  • Pets and their Pet multipliers. They will also contribute to your stats throughout the challenge.
  • *If you bought Preselect Might and/or the alert button, these will be retained.
  • **If you purchased Improved Next At for challenges, Improved Next At will work in CBC, otherwise not.

Winning condition:

Get to the maximum clone cap of 99999 again.

During the challenge you are also not able to purchase more max. clones with GP or using other clone creation items, like buying clones with GP or using Ultimate shadow summon.

To get 99999 clones again, you need to create and/or kill a total of 2 million clones, or for the nitpickiest of you, 1 979 980 clones. Every 20th created and/or killed clone grants one max. clone more.

Last but not least,


Each completed CBC will give you the following rewards

  • 1 level to each Might after it’s unlocked. These levels will not help build up Might the way Double Rebirth Challenge (DRC) does though, however it won’t affect the Might level-up time either.
  • 20k more max. clones, yey. This is essentially worth 50 GP.
  • Every GP earned during the challenge is an additional reward. As is every point of Might.
  • 10 Challenge Points.
  • 10 Chocolate for your pets.
  • 1 million Statistics multi.

Preparations: What helps?

Like said above, some stats are still retained within CBC. Some of these are more useful than others. These stats are roughly in a diminishing value of importance:

One-capped skills

Make sure you have this, it’s by far the most important thing to have.

This means that all your skills have a clone cap 1, i.e. you can train them at full speed by just 1 clone each. This way you will waste only 56 clones on training skills.

This will help tremendously when going for further gods. It also makes unlocking Might that much easier.

All Double Rebirth Challenges done

The more DRCs you have done, the better. Each DRC increases your initial Might bonus for each Might stat and Might skill by 1. At 50 DRCs this means a Might increase of 700 every rebirth (accounting for 175% bonus to all stats, including Creating).

As far as I know, the Might collected from the challenge will carry over after the challenge, so this will also help you in the long run. Initially though, the 50-second Unleash usually allows you to kill at least one additional god.

Pets with high growth

Interestingly, pets may help in CBC. Their Physical and Mystic stats multiplies your own, rendering it easier to kill more gods (and thus get more God and Statistics multipliers). So give them some clones to kill at the start of each rebirth.

Once both multis have increased to 45k%-ish, hovering over them will show that the rebirth multi from pet stats has maxed at 999%.

This depends a lot on their growth. Also, if you’re far enough and have some Challenge Points, unlocking Pet Exp Overflow will help you increase their stats.

Improved Next At for challenges

The only paid (in real money) upgrade that truly helps in making this challenge more bearable is the Improved Next At for challenges. I would put this higher in this list, were it not for its IRL cost.

If you know how Improved Next At works, you know it’s really quite convenient: You put in training a set number of clones (specifically 28 to both tabs, if you’ve 1-capped all skills) and forget the whole tab exists because the clones will automatically transfer from the lower skills to higher as they get unlocked.

Improved Next At for challenges simply lets the upgrade work even within Reset GP challenges like CBCs, UBCs and UACs.

The only downside is that it costs a hefty sum of real money. All I can say is that it’s worth it for its utter convenience if you plan to play through all CBCs and UBCs eventually, especially after you’ve spoiled yourself with Improved Next At in regular challenges or speed-running for GP.

Other stuff

Some other smaller things will help ever so slightly in CBCs.

CBCs done: Kind of redundant but yes, every CBC you do will make the later CBCs easier, when you unlock Might. Not by much but I feel like mentioning it for completeness.

DUCs done: Day Universe Challenges increase your TBS levels each rebirth. Since starting CBC means you won’t have your TBS convenience-upgrades from GP purchases (if any), DUC gives you a small edge towards the next god.

AACs done: All Achievement Challenges lower the skill point requirements to unlock in-game achievements for skills, while increasing that reward at the same time. This may help you get a slightly (at max. double, if all AACs done) larger Physical/Mystic and thus help killing one god more than without it in the next rebirth.

1KCs done: While you retain the reward from 1000 Clones Challenge, you probably wont benefit from it within this challenge, unless you haven’t done all DRCs yet. Even then it’s rather marginally useful.

PBCs done: P. Baal Challenges increase the monument upgrade cap, but this matters little because the low clone cap combined with low building speed for most of the challenge will not allow exploiting those expanded caps.

During the challenge: What matters?

To create 2 million clones, mainly three things will help you: More creation speed from the Creating stat, more GP-purchased creating speed, and larger creation count.

Creation speed from Creating stat

By having a large Creating stat you will ultimately have a large creating speed. The formula for creating speed is derived with the following code.

BigInteger baseValue = CreatingPower;
int percent = 0;
while (baseValue > 10 && percent \< 90)
baseValue = baseValue / 8;
return (BaseDuration * (100 – percent) / 100);

Effectively, this means that everytime your Creating stat is multiplied by 8, your build time for creations goes down by 2 percent, all the way to 10%. This pertains to the maximum effective Creating stat of 4e41 (using Sci, scientific number display).

You want to get to Creating stat 4e41 as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, in each rebirth you have to complete as many creating achievements as possible within your rebirth time. Doing so will increase your Creating multi, that multiplies your Creating stat the next rebirth.

Creation stat bonus from defeating gods

Each time you defeat another god, your God multi and Statistics multi will both double. This effectively quadruples (4x) all your stat multis, including Creating stat multi. Thus, in each of your rebirths, kill as many gods as possible. If you’re close to killing one of them, wait a bit while increasing stats, increase TBS percentages (The Baal Slayer, fourth tab in Train) etc. as this gives you a slight edge in the next rebirth.

GP-purchased Creating speed (CS)

In my opinion, best way to increase the speed of clone creation is to increase Creating speed. Don’t bother with the cheapest purchases: buy only 35% chunks of CS at a price of 10 GP.

Your aim is to get to 245% CS, costing a total 70 GP. At this bonus speed, combined with 10x multiplier from peaked Creating stat, you will blue-bar, i.e. maximize, the creation of Shadow clones. Blue-bar (also known as black-bar and bb) means that the creation bar is all blue, so you are creating a single creation each tick.

GP-purchased Creation Count (CC)

Another tactic is to wait and buy CC, “count of creations per bar”. One CC costs 50 GP and allows you to create two clones at one go. This is potentially an interesting strategy that I’m investigating, but you may also just ignore CC when doing a CBC.

Other stats

Physical and Mystic will most likely be your main stats over the challenge, Physical to increase your hit points (HP) and attack damage, and Mystic for damage reduction and HP recovery. Battle matters very little: you can essentially ignore it, as Physical trumps it completely. However, don’t forget to kill monsters for Divinity in the later rebirths.

Winning strategy

Disclaimer: This is just one strategy that I have found useful. If you have something another good strategy to share, I will gladly add it to the guide as an alternative.

Requirements for this strategy to work seamlessly:

  • 1-capped skills
  • 50 DRCs done
  • High growth pets that can reach 999% in Physical and Mystic within a rebirth
  • Able to unlock Might in 2 hours (it helps tremendously if you have Improved Next At for challenges)
Summary of this simple strategy
  • Kill as many gods as you can each rebirth.
  • Strive towards CS 245%.
  • Rebirth once you unlock Might: if you’d like, wait until pet campaigns finish (max. up to 2 hours)
  • Use the Might skills to kill off one more god
  • Start killing off your clones by sending them to fight stronger monsters. You should do this when your Might is unleashed to get to a stronger monster. You can put clones to fight multiple monsters if each of them is strong enough to kill clones.
  • Once you’ve got CS 245% (around 6th – 8th rebirth), maximize the creating speed of clones by getting Creating stat to 1e40-1e41, which is usually enough.
  • Put a bunch of clones to fight against a monster that kills them off at full speed (1 per tick), while at the same time creating Shadow clones yourself. The creating and killing will occur at equal rates. It will take 8 hours and 40 minutes to create and kill off 2 million clones. Adjust for the already created ones.

All rebirths

On each rebirth you should do the following:

  • Always strive to put 28 clones to both Physical Training and Mystic Skills. Improved Next At for challenges helps.
  • Let pets fight clones until they’re at 999% rebirth multipliers. Pet Exp Overflow from Challenge Points helps. Once that’s done, either level them up more or send them on campaigns (Growth, Item, whatever). GP campaign might help but is unlikely to be profitable enough in 1-2 hour campaigns.
  • Always create at least the first achievement level of creations. Once your CS is up (from GP purchases and Creating stat), you can consider creating to the second or even third achievement level for some of them.
  • Once you have both Diana (monuments) and Freya (monument upgrades) defeated over a single rebirth, build some Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens and upgrades for them, if Divinity allows. This will help killing an additional god.
  • If you get enough GP (10) to buy another 35% of CS, do it.
  • End of rebirth: Use Unleash to kill off another god and to kill as high a monster as possible, so you can send you clones there to die. Kill off your clones by sending them to fight the top monsters (that they typically cannot defeat) so you are left with 100 or less clones, and rebirth.

Detailed strategy

First rebirths

Use your first two rebirths to increase your stat multis. Create the first level of each item you can (you can safely ignore Tree, Fish and Animal).

3rd rebirth onward

By 3rd rebirth you should be able to beat Freya. From now on, build Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens. Put about 4x the amount of clones building Mighty Statues to Mystic Gardens.

Once the Might unlocks, switch the clones to build the upgrades of their respective monuments instead. Once they cannot build more due to running out of Divinity, or the time to do so becomes “prohibitively” large (like several minutes), Unleash the Might, kill the additional god, and kill off your clones.

Repeat until you have enough GP to buy 245% CS.

nth rebirth: 245% CS

Once you have accumulated enough GP and bought 245% CS (worth 70 GP), you should build an Everlasting Lighthouse (EL). The reason is that with 245% CS you can maximize Shadow clone creation speed, as long as you gain enough (around 1e40-1e41-ish) Creating stat.

One EL should be enough, but if it isn’t (you know if Shadow clones creation bar is full blue) you can either rebirth once more or try to build an upgrade to it (which is expensive but doable, requiring 1 Ocean). This will take a better part of the hour, but afterwards you should finally have maxed out the Shadow clone creation speed.

You won’t need to rebirth any longer, as the rest of the challenge is waiting game. Start exclusively creating Shadow clones, and put a bunch of clones to fight the strongest monster (to be specified for typical one(s)) that you can find. Don’t create upgrades for Mystic Gardens, as this will make your clones more durable.

To create 1 million clones will take 8 hours and 40 minutes. If you can kill them off at the same rate as they’re created, it’ll take the same time to kill 1 million clones, so you will be finished with the challenge after those 8 hours and odd minutes, depending on how many max. clones you had before reaching this point.

Challenge completed: The Epilogue

With this strategy and my current stats (importantly: 1-capped skills, 50 DRCs, 20 pets with all Growth scores around 12k, Improved Next At for challenges, 50 AACs, DUC bonus of 17), I can beat CBC typically in around 1 day and 6-12 hours, depending on activity. I could probably do it in a single day if playing actively the whole time.

Additional tips and tricks

Godly Liquids

While Ultimate Shadow Summon does not work within CBC, Godly Liquid and Chakra Pills do. Especially the Godly Liquids may prove useful, as they double the creating speed (or quadruple if you use both the regular and V2 types). You can amass large amounts of these through Pet Item Campaigns and Lucky Draws. The former can be improved by completing all 20 Ultimate Pet Challenges.

If you’d like, with Godly Liquid it would be possible to start the final rebirth way sooner. Also, this might allow for another strategy: buying CC instead of CS. With a single point of CC bought and maxed CS (achieved by strategic use of Godly Liquids and Godly Liquid V2s) you could put clones to fight two strong monsters at the same time, thus halving the time it takes to create and kill 2 million clones.

Godly Liquids can be used in an alternative strategy that I roughly detail in the next bonus section.

Bonus creation speed from being offline

After you’ve been offline for a while, you get a bonus of 300% to your creating speed. This bonus maxes out at 3 hours, after being 9 hours offline.

You can use this to help with completing CBC. If you close the game in the night before starting CBC, you’ll get a 3-hour 3x creating speed head start for the next CBC. Neat!

Also, if you close the game before going to sleep or to work during CBC, you can use the improved speed afterwards to cut the rest of the challenge short. Just remember to start creating clones before you close the game, as the game keeps creating clones while offline if you order it to, so you’ll gain something over the night.

I wish you good luck and patience in tackling the Clone Buildup Challenges!

If you have any more tricks or improvements to this (rather simplistic) strategy, do let me know in the comments or at Shugasu’s Discord (invitation link is available inside the game).

Alternative semi-active strategy

This strategy requires high-growth pets (10 pets with 15k+ Growth) and a bunch of Godly Liquids / Godly Liquid V2s stocked up. You’ll also do well to have Improved Pet Clones and Pet Exp Overflow. I haven’t tried the strategy myself but it’s apparently faster than the main strategy in this guide (less than 24 hours).

First rebirths

First rebirths are fast and intense. Level up the pets, while training Physical and Mystic skills, and beat up as many gods as you can in about 30-60min runs.

Once you have well-established, you can start climbing with longer runs (up to Might).

Pet GP farming

Once you’ve reached somewhere near Freya-Laima, train your pets to a range 1e7 or higher using Improved Pet Clones. Then start doing 1-hour GP campaigns with the trained pets, to farm GP to buy 1 or 2 points of CC and improving CS.

Once you’ve got at least 1 CC and at least CS 70%, make sure you can get the 10x multiplier from Creating stat (it’s around 1e40-1e41) and use both Godly Liquid and Godly Liquid V2 to maximize the creating speed of Shadow clones. Then do the regular: feed the clones to at least 2 monsters (3 if you can create 3 clones at once).

This way the latter part of the run will be done in 3-5 hours, depending on how strong monsters you could find to feast on your clones.

Common abbreviations used

Some common game terms

bb = Black-bar or blue-bar, to maximize a bar timer, like creating creations, killing monsters or training skills
BS = Building Speed
CC = Creation count, count of creations per bar
CS = Creating Speed, usually referring to the GP upgrade
GP = God power
HP = Hit points

Some challenge abbreviations

1KC = 1000 Clones Challenge
AAC = All Achievements Challenge
CBC = Clone Buildup Challenge
DBC = Day Baal Challenge
DMC = Day Might Challenge
DRC = Double Rebirth Challenge
UAC = Ultimate Arty Challenge
UBC = Ultimate Baal Challenge

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