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Immortal Life Crops and Legendary Crops

How to get your hands on that special something.

Introduction to crops

For every seed you plant, you can harvest from one up to maybe five crops, and up to three times (with multiple harvests in the proper season, dependant on the plant type).

Crops come in four different quality levels :
common (grey frame), good (green frame), superior (blue frame) and legendary (gold frame) :

Crops and Legendary Crops

A single harvest of Ice Beans.

After your first harvest, your notes will log the plant, its habits (i.e. best growing season etc.), the number of crops and the quality you harvested from it as well as the results from processing it:

Crops and Legendary Crops-1

Legendary Crops

In the upper right-hand corner of your library entry, you can see what legendary crop you might grow from this seed:

Crops and Legendary Crops-2

Each has their proper name.

While some are obvious (like Super Wheat growing from Wheat), some of them might confuse you if they pop up in quests and you haven’t yet harvested any of the crop.

The Soulgrass even has two kinds of legendary crops!

Crops and Legendary Crops-3

Alphabetical list of legendary crops

As far as I’ve encountered them myself, here’s a list of the legendary crops in alphabetical order, together with the seeds they grow from:

  • Black Bean: from Azuki Bean
  • Black Ginger: from Ginger
  • Divine Herb: from Soulgrass
  • Earth Herb: from Soulgrass
  • Ginseng Fruit: from Tomato
  • Green Jujube : from Jujube
  • Green Melon: from Cucumber
  • Green Onion : from Scallion
  • Green Soybean: from Soybean
  • Long Carrot: from Carrot
  • Mulberry Fruit: from Mulberry Leaf
  • Red Bok Choy: from Bok Choy
  • Red Cabbage : from Cabbage
  • Small Pepper : from Bellpepper
  • Snow Bean : from Ice Bean
  • Spirit Fruit : from Anima Fruit
  • Super Potato: from Potato
  • Super Rice: from Rice
  • Super Wheat: from Wheat
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Crops and Legendary Crops-4

Chances and Nudges

I would estimate the chance of getting a legendary crop at 2-10 %, based on what I’ve seen so far. However, this is purely subjective.

The chances might even vary from type to type. That would explain why I have yet to find my first super rice…

Want to nudge Lady Luck?
Re-starting the day will also re-roll your chances of harvesting a legendary crop.


I will add to this guide as I make progress in the game and as the game progresses (EA, remember).
Further information from more advanced players would be appreciated and will be added here.

Have fun with this beautiful game!

Written by glitzerpaillette

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