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Indivisible How to Unlock Qadira

Indivisible is filled with a plethora of interesting characters that will aid you on your adventure. Each character in Indivisible is unique and has its own backstory.

Each character in Indivisible has their own unique selection of attacks, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s vital that you build a balanced party that can overcome the various challenges the game throws at you. Some characters are basic, others, more complex.

Some of these characters in Indivisible can be recruited right away by playing the story missions while others require you to do certain tasks to unlock them.

How to Unlock Qadira

Qadira was unable to join her baby brother Husam when he was drafted into the military. This is because local customs would not allow her to join him. After he left, became an armorer with only letters of Husam’s tales to soothe her. When Husam went missing, all that she was told they found of him was his sword and the green cape she gave him before he left. She now wears that cape as a member of the army while calling herself “Asim” to find him.

You encounter her in the Almutah Sands just before you get to the Temple.

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