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Innocence Or Money Episode 2 and 3 Walkthrough

Continuing from my Episode 1/Prelude guide, I missed Episode 2, but the free release of Episode 3 includes Episode 2, so this guide will encompass both Episodes 2 and 3, since I don’t know where 2 ended and 3 began.

Innocence Or Money – Episodes 2 and 3

As we left off with the “stay tuned” screen from the Prelude, our heroine was about to peek into the room at the massage parlor.

Well, she peeks, and she sees Cassandra getting hammered by her client.

As you recall, you were filling in for Vicky as receptionist. Well, that gig dried up because she came back to work. And she catches you peeking and runs you out of the place. She hates you because you’re pretty and she’s not.

So anyway, that’s the end of the day, so go Home and do whatever; shower, eat, sleep.

So by now you should have the smart phone and a decent chunk o’ change saved up if you were grinding the coffee shop. If you took the “or money” paths in the Prelude, then you’re also down a few Innocence points, you let Fred cop some feels, and you stole money from Coffee Shop John and got the grampa tongue from him.

Either way, since my Prelude saves got wiped out somehow, I had to start over there and build up the pile of cash I had stashed from farming the Coffee Shop all week, and I’m only down 5 Innocence points because I let Fred cop a feel once, but haven’t been stealing from John, and I’m at the point where my next trip to the “massage parlor” is my last one (where Prelude ends).

We’ve already established that working 7 days a week at the Coffee Shop is the path to the most cash for the Prelude, and it’s now Saturday morning. However, there are certain story and money paths that are not open unless you take the “or money” options, so we’re going down into the gutter ASAP.

Work the Coffee Shop and take the $10. John will catch you after 4 days, and that’s when you get the grampa tongue, and lose more Innocence points.Let him do his thing so you can keep the job for now.

This also opens up Fred’s $25 touchy feely session, but in order to get it, you have to clean the house in the morning so he can grope you in the afternoon. Remember, each task takes up a time slot, so you can’t work the coffee shop for $20 in the morning, then clean the house for $15 in the afternoon, then get Fred’s Feels for $25 because it’s now Night. Best you can do is cleaning for $15, then feelies for $25, and that’s only $40 for the day. Coffee Shop pays $50 for the day, but we’re taking the hit now, since we have a comfortable cash pile (around $2K), because an option will open up soon to make $75 a day.

So when you take John’s grampa tongue, go to the “massage parlor” and do your last stint as Receptionist. Vicky comes back, but Mrs Rose pays you the $70 for the day anyway. Then on your way out, Cass lets you peep in on her show, which is where Prelude ended. Now you get the “rest of the story”, and can move on.

The Gym is available on the map, but first you have to talk to Mrs Rose about the “masseuse” job, and ask Cass about going with you to the Gym, so go home, and come back to the massage parlor the next Night.

Now, when you go Home, you’re all dirty and stuff, so take a shower and watch Jen have a little “me time” in the bathroom. That scoundrel Fred hears her through the door and hatches a plan that takes a while to come to fruition (spy cams that also give you more random alternate views next time you shower).

Work the day at the Coffee Shop, then go to the Massage Parlor at Night and talk to Vivky and then Mrs Rose and then Cass. Vicky hates you because you’re pretty and she’s not.
Cass only goes to the Gym in the Morning or Afternoon, so go Home, do your thing, then go to the Gym the next Morning and meet Cass.

Here, it doesn’t matter if you work at the Coffee Shop in the Morning and go to the Gym in the Afternoon, or go to the Gym in the Morning and work in the Afternoon. You can do it either way.

Next day, you can either do the Gym or the Coffee Shop first, doesn’t matter, the same things happen, and you have a time block to do the other one. You can also wait and go to the Gym at Night, so you can do a full $50 day at the Coffee Shop.

Now, you have an option of paying $15 each visit to the Gym, or $600 once for a lifetime membership. If you’ve got it to throw away, do the $600, otherwise, just pay the $15 each time. I do the $15 each time, because you’re coming up on a way to make $75 a day ($60 after the Gym fee), 5 days a week. You’ll still need to do the Coffee Shop on the weekends to make money for now.

This next part at the Gym gives you control of another character: Adam, and introduces him, his girlfriend Eve, and Sylvia, the Gym Cougar.

So, handle Adam however you wish; let him ogle Sylvia or make him control himself, or a mix of both. I’m doing the Gym at Night, so I have $50 days at the Coffee Shop.

If John mentioned something about a new uniform the last time you were there, it’s available now. Since we’re doing a “speed run to the gutter” now, let John come in and look at you. Congrats, you lost another 20 Innocence points and made an old man happy.

It should be Monday by now (maybe not), and if so, clean the house in the Morning, shower and eat, then hit up Fred in the Afternoon. You have an option to earn $25 and lose 10 more Innocence points, which should leave you with 920. You’re aiming for 900 so you can make $75 a day.
Remember to hit the Gym every Night.

Again, you can only lose Innocence Points once for each activity, so the next day, do the Coffee Shop and ignore Fred. Do the Gym at night, because there’s a developing story going on, and you can lose more Innocence.

So the days pass without any choices to make, until one day at the Gym, where you can select Jennifer or Sylvia. Choose Sylvia to see her bow-chika-wah-wow scene with Adam, or choose Jennifer to see her exercise with Eve.

So after that, you get Story stuff, but no Choices to make, so just keep working at the Coffee Shop all day, and do the Gym at night. Cassandra comes in and advances the story a bit, then you get a notification saying do Fred and John’s side events before returning to the Gym. You apparently don’t HAVE to do them, but it is suggested, and Fred does have a thing you can do to earn $75 a day (clean the hosue for $15 and “the thing” for $60), but you have to get down to 900 Innocence Points, and you probably have 920 right now.

You get a Choice with John at the coffee shop. If you let him do “the thing”, you lose another 25 Innocence Points and unlock Fred’s “thing” where you can make $75 a day.
After paying the $15 a day Gym fee, you’re $10 ahead of the Coffee Shop gig, but it’s up to you. You can refuse John and thus not unlock Fred’s “thing”, and just keep working for $50 a day. I mean, it’s only $10, no biggie.

The next trip to the Gym, Jen gets a phone call, and more story advancing but no Choices. It auto-triggers another “stay tuned” ending progression, so don’t go to the Gym after the guy orders the idiotic coffee and John lets his fingers do the walking up Jen’s crack.

If you wanna make more money (and you let John do “the thing” and are down to 900 Innocence Points or less), go Home after that, NOT to the Gym.
The next morning, clean the house, then go see Fred about his $60 bonus gig. Let him do the thing, and you just made $75 for the day.
You can do this loop as long as you like, and really rake in the cash until the next episode.

Or, be a prude and stop there, but really, we all know this is all about making Jenny get down and dirty, right?

Written by DrNewcenstein

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