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Inscryption Act1 Map Icons for New Players

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  1. Events
  2. NPC Events
  3. Card Battles
  4. Bosses

This is a quick Act 1 map icon guide aimed at players that just started out. I’ll try keep it relatively concise without getting too much into spoilers. Also, I have not found official names for all these, some I will name myself. Let’s go!


Act1 Map Icons for new playersBackpack:
Be awarded up to 3x new playable items. Still worth visiting if you already have 3.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-1Fireplace:
Upgrade the stats on a card. Later, a gambling mechanic is added to it.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-2Pick-A-Card:
Simple, pick one of three random cards. A mushroom will appear under any that are duplicates of those in your deck.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-3Pick-A-Card based on cost:
As above, only you choose what the deployment of the card will cost.
Example: 1x Blood is something like a skink, 3x Blood is a grizzly etc. I am pretty sure all bone cards are lumped into one catagory. Somebody can correct me on that if wrong.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-4Pick-A-Card based on family:
One of three, but specific card families such as wolves, insects, reptiles or birds.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-5Pick-A-Death Card: Pick one of three death cards. Can be rerolled, but cannot give you duplicate death cards.
Thanks to Mi1kyPudd1e for the image and info

Act1 Map Icons for new players-6Sacrificial Stone:
Sacrifice a card and place whatever sigil it used to have on a different card.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-7Bonelord:
Sacrifice a card of your choice for… something special.
This is a good way to thin out your deck. The Bonelord accepts all cards as equal, except for ones that have a tasty amount of blood.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-8Cave of Trials:
Get a choice of 3 criteria to gamble on earning another, upgraded card. The cost is usually something like: “The three cards drawn will have combined attack power over 4”, or “total HP over 6.”.

NPC Events

Act1 Map Icons for new players-9Mycologists:
They splice two of the exact same card type together, including pelts. Avoid if you don’t already have duplicates as it normally equates to a wasted move and all moves count. Splice one more to an already spliced pair for an achievement.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-10Woodcutter:
Choose a new body or head for your buff totem. The head decides which family of creature gets the buff, the bottom decides which buff. Example: Sacrificing squirrels yield 3x blood.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-11Prospector:
This is a rare one. Choose a card, get rewarded with either a golden pelt, or a crappy creature. I’ve only gotten this one once so if somebody has more info, please HMU.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-12Trapper:
Trade those teeth you collected for pelts. The pelts will be added to your deck and can be placed defensively in a batttle, but any “killed” get scrapped.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-13Trader:
Exchanges any pelts for animals. The quality of the pelt decides the quality of the reward.

Card Battles

Act1 Map Icons for new players-14Basic Card Battle:
Basic conflict resolution. Hit faster and harder to win. Not much more than that.
Get overkill damage to knock more teeth out to trade later on.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-15Elite Card Battle:
This is the upgraded version of the basic card battle. Leshy pulls out his own totem which might or might not absolutely steamroll your deck. There are no upsides to choosing an elite battle, such as special loot or whatever, except if you want the added challenge.


I’ve mostly added the icons as they are megacool, but, due to spoilers, that is all I am giving you. Maybe sometime in the future I would redo them as gifs. I really love the art style here.

Act1 Map Icons for new players-16

Act1 Map Icons for new players-17

Act1 Map Icons for new players-18

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