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Inscryption How to: Easy Campfires

Here’s a little secret I found while playing through the first section of the game before unlocking the new game option.

How to: Easy Campfires

While going through the map, you may encounter campfires which either increase a creatures attack or health, with the risk of them being “eaten” by the survivors around the fire.
The fun thing is that if you happen to feed them the Adder card, it kills all of the survivors, and then for the rest of that run, the camp fires are abandoned. Allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits of the fire, with no risk of losing your cards!

This can lead to some amazing runs with broken cards like Mantis God getting 9 attack, or Mole Man getting 14 health in addition to whatever sigils you apply to them during the run.

Granted, this is still RNG based, so you may accidentally end up powering up your Adder only to find that nothing bad happened to it, and you ended up “wasting” a camp fire, but just try again on the next one and it will happen eventually

How to: Easy Campfires
Written by NPCMimic