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Inscryption Walkthrough for All Achievements and Secrets

All achievements and secrets divided by acts with MINIMUM spoilers!

Act 1 : Unmissable achievements

These achievements are story related, so you can skip this section. However, if you are stuck at any part of the story, I’ll describe the solutions anyway so SPOILER ALERT! (I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible!)

All Achievements AND All SecretsBlood Artist
You just have to die. Even though there is a way to beat the “unbeatable” sections (btw you can see that in my vid), you will still be unable to proceed without dying a certain amount of times.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-1Innocuous Insect
You’ll get the achievement as soon as you open the safe in the cabin. The code to the safe is somewhere in the rulebook.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-2Miner’s Bane
Defeat the first boss of act 1.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-3Grizzled Angler
Defeat the second boss of act 1.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-4Face to Face
Defeat the third boss of act 1.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-5Enduring Victory
Defeat the 4th boss of act 1.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-6Uncage the Menagerie
Free the Caged Wolf. There’s a Caged Wolf card in the bottom left drawer of the cabinet. You’ll need to use it in battle and let it get destroyed to free the wolf. You’ll be able to get the wolf statue on the shelf behind near the cabinet after that happens.
All Achievements AND All SecretsAll Achievements AND All Secrets-1

All Achievements AND All Secrets-7Ancestral Vision
Use the dagger. After freeing the wolf, you can place the wolf figuring near the squirrel that holds the dagger to get it. Then use it as an item in battle.

Also, you must lose at least once to get the access to the Magical Eye. Otherwise it doesn’t spawn. Thanks to Get Tokt for pointing that out!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-8Reborn Hope

Get the film roll. If you have won at least 1 time then after using the dagger you’ll be able to choose a magical eye that will help you solve the cuckoo clock puzzle..
All Achievements AND All Secrets-2All Achievements AND All Secrets-3

Act 1 : Missable achievements

All Achievements AND All Secrets-9Gruesome Encore
Let The Mycologists experiment twice on the same creature.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-4
All Achievements AND All Secrets-5

All Achievements AND All Secrets-10Role Reversal
Steal back one of our creatures from the Angler. You will get the angler’s hook after beating the game once. When you get to the Angler, wait until he steals your creature and then use the hook on the creature during your turn. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE DURING THE FIRST STAGE OF THE BATTLE!

Also, you have to encounter the Angler and then win the run or lose it. The next game the Angler will provide you with the hook at the very beginning.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-6
All Achievements AND All Secrets-7

All Achievements AND All Secrets-11Squirrel Wrangler
Win a battle with damage from Squirrels. There are 2 easy ways to do that.
1. First way is to get the Amalgama creature (rare one) as a reward after boss fights or for golden pelts. This creature represents all of the factions at once including the squirrel one. So it IS the squirrel technically. That’s how I got the achievement (the screenshot from the moment the achievement popped up is down below)
2. Another reliable way is to create a totem that gives squirrels a sigil to grow in power after 1 turn.
3. You can also do some genius plays with cards that increase power of adjacent cards. But I’d strongly recommend you to use the 1st method.

*If you solve the painting 3 times and replace squirrels with bees then bees act like insects and thus I’m not sure that the achievement is getable…
All Achievements AND All Secrets-8

Act 1 : Secrets and cool things that can happen

1. Campfire Murder
At some point in the game you’ll be able to use the campfire more than once per visit at the risk of losing the creature. If you feed the people the worm or any poisonous creature (like Adder), they will all die and you’ll be able to use campfires freely 5 times per visit buffing your deck enormously.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-9
All Achievements AND All Secrets-10

2. The secret of the painting
You can open the painting 3 times (in different runs after dying or winning) and get permanenet bonuses like: when choosing a card to add to your deck, you can reshuffle the options once per event; having an additional candle (additional life and smoke); having bees instead of squirrels.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-11
All Achievements AND All Secrets-12
All Achievements AND All Secrets-13
All Achievements AND All Secrets-14

3. The ring
You can get the ring from the cuckoo clock if you notice that on the table there’s a carving depicting 11 o’clock.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-15

4. Glitched card
If you get lucky, you can draw the glitched card that’s going to turn into a random card upon drawing it from the deck during the battle.

The binary above the static card translates to its name: Deep Beneath. (Thanks to Drake Ravenwolf )

All Achievements AND All Secrets-16

5. Greater Smoke
If you put off the candle near the cabinet 3 times (1 time at a run, so 3 runs required), you can get a Greater Smoke Card (that replaces Smoke card and can actually attack on its own).

All Achievements AND All Secrets-17
All Achievements AND All Secrets-18

6. Free bone boon
You can click the goat skull on the wall a couple of times to get temporary free bone boom (you start the battle with 1 bone). The effect is exactly the same as after the sacrifice only temporary.
All Achievements AND All Secrets-19

7. Free Amalgam
If you happen to visit the Wood Carver 7 times then on the 8th instead of creating a part of the totem, they will grant you Amalgam.
All Achievements AND All Secrets-20All Achievements AND All Secrets-21

8. Free teeth
The skull can be looted for teeth. They respawn more often than once a trial. After defeating a boss there are always teeth.
All Achievements AND All Secrets-17

9. Goat Crush
Another secret is instead of getting normal eye replacement. Get the goat/double iris eye and Black Goat cards will crush/lust blush with Heart sigil forehead and nightwear
All Achievements AND All Secrets-22Thank to St.Akardi for this secret and screenshot!

Act 2 : Unmissable achievements

All Achievements AND All Secrets-12Renewal
Start Act 2.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-13Doomed Necromancer
Complete the Temple of the Dead.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-14Avenging Druid
Complete the Temple of Beasts.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-15Wizard Mentor
Complete the Temple of Magicks.

Hints for the temple (not a solution):
1. After equipping the monocle look through the pages of the note again on the 1st floor of the tower.
2. You have to deal damage to the Practice Mages 1 at a time (it’s the fight with the dummy on the 2d floor)
3. The ESC – CONFIG button have some magic paint… When u go to set the volume you will see the last sigil. Thanks to Devotion and Seraph27 for the tip!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-16Accomplished Automaton
Complete the Temple of Technology.

Pls write me in the comment section if any of these parts cased problems and I should add hints or solutions to puzzles!

Act 2: Missable achievements

All Achievements AND All Secrets-17Dark Offering
You will need to obtain 2 parts of Broken Obols (that’s cards from the Temple of the Dead deck) and put them together in a fight so they can form an obol. The easiest fight for this is the fight against a dummy on the 2d floor of the Temple of Magicks. The pieces will form an obol that you can offer to a tomb in the Temple of the Dead (downstairs).
You will have to talk to this weird demon TWICE!!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-23
All Achievements AND All Secrets-24
All Achievements AND All Secrets-25
All Achievements AND All Secrets-26

All Achievements AND All Secrets-18Devil’s Play
You have to deal more than 666 damage. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it’s EXTREMELY annoying!
You will have to have these 4 cards that are on the board in your deck:
All Achievements AND All Secrets-27
Then you click on the horn in total 445 times then you click on the Bone Heap 667 times (technically 666 but imagine if it has to be more than and not equal after all this trouble). So in total 1112 clicks. Yes, I did it. For you. SO GO LIKE MY VID! (jk, obviously)

All Achievements AND All Secrets-28
You can also use Stim Mage instead! Then it’s only 667 clicks as Dave Mongoose pointed out in the comment section! If any of you would be so kind to make a screenshot, I would appreciate it!

Another less annoying option was suggested by JDD in the comment section: “If you would prefer to not grind in order to get [“Devil’s Play” and “Collective Effort”], you can edit your save file to get Ouroborus to 999 attack power. For this, simply open your SaveFile.gwsave , scroll down all the way to the bottom and change the variable “ouroborosDeaths” to 998. Attacking the dummy once should net you enough to get both achievements”. WARNING! (Though I am NOT 100% sure!!) If you do the 999 Ouroborus before getting the Grim Pantry achievement the Ouroboros stats will affects the Rank 3 Bounty Hunter somehow so their stat numbers will be so high it makes it very difficult to defeat them XD ( Thanks to RoboLois for noticing that)

Another option was suggested by Ronslaught: “The Oroboros card can be taken through each act, and it’s power grows every time it dies. if you combine the necromancer card (if a card dies the card is reborn before it dies again) and the bone robber? (1 bone= 1 skeleton) so now each time oro dies, it counts as 2 death, giving it 2 power and health each round, and with access to infinite bones you can keep casting skeletons and making sacrifices that count as 2 deaths for oro”

All Achievements AND All Secrets-19Collective Effort
You will have to collect all of the cards. There are 96 cards. Honestly, I collected 95 and got the achievement (RoboLois pointed out that there’s the rabit card that’s not listed in the wizard’s catalog but counts towards the progression, so you need to collect 96/97 but 95/96 out of the catalog)
Special cards:
1. Drowned Soul (look in the “secrets in act 2” section down below for description)
2. Great Kraken (look in the “secrets in act 2” section down below for description)

All the other cards you will get by exploring, opening chests and defeating enemies. Now you will probably NOT get all of them immediately. So, go to the dummy in Magick’s tower and smash him for money to buy more packs. Yes, this achievement IS pretty annoying too.

If you got the previous achievement then this one will be a walk in the park, just spend all the money on packs. You’ll def get them all!

Here’s all my pages so you can compare and see what you are looking for (as I mentioned, I got it having 95/96):
All Achievements AND All Secrets-29All Achievements AND All Secrets-30
All Achievements AND All Secrets-31All Achievements AND All Secrets-32
All Achievements AND All Secrets-33All Achievements AND All Secrets-34
All Achievements AND All Secrets-35All Achievements AND All Secrets-36
All Achievements AND All Secrets-37All Achievements AND All Secrets-38
All Achievements AND All Secrets-39All Achievements AND All Secrets-40

All Achievements AND All Secrets-20Forgotten Lore
Now this is technically an achievement for the act 3 but you have to do 2 important things in this act or you won’t get it!

1. Get the key from the tomb
Basically complete the Dark Offering achievement and make sure to pick up the key. (I’m not actually sure whether it’s required to get the pelt but you are doing all achievements anyway, right?)

2. Get the key from Mycologists
You will need to bring them 4 pairs of creatures:

All Achievements AND All Secrets-41
All Achievements AND All Secrets-42

All Achievements AND All Secrets-43All Achievements AND All Secrets-44
ALL THESE CREATURES CAN BE BOUGHT FROM THE TRAPPER! NOT FROM THE CARD PACKS! If you wanna buy it, they are ALL in the bottom left corner of the actual sole cards that you can buy in the shop (not the pack). If it’s not there, scroll through the cards, there are only 3 cards to scroll in bottom left corner and then they repeat. It works for each Temple.

And then you will get the key:
All Achievements AND All Secrets-45Pick it up or you’ll miss an achievement in the next act!

Act 2: Secrets and cool things that can happen

1. Secret image 1
You can go up in a certain place (you can see it on the screenshot) where you baited the shark to see the secret image 1.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-46All Achievements AND All Secrets-47Thanks to nhmetalhead for the screenshot!

2. The Wood Carver
You can go up in a certain place (you can see it on the screenshot) where you trapped the rabbit to find the Wood Carver and to talk to them. They have some interesting things to say.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-48
All Achievements AND All Secrets-49

3. Secret image 2
You can go up in a certain place (you can see it on the screenshot) on the 1st floor of the Magicks tower to see the secret image 2.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-50
All Achievements AND All Secrets-51

4. Drowned Soul
If you interact with the well for the 2d time (the 1st time is story related) then you’ll get a Drowned Soul card.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-52

5. Great Kraken
On the 3d floor of the Magicks tower, you can see a tentacle in the bathtub if you look in the mirror there. You can click on it. There’s also another tentacle in the docks which you can access by going straight left right before entering Leshy’s Temple. If you click both tentacles, you’ll get the card.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-53
All Achievements AND All Secrets-54
All Achievements AND All Secrets-55
All Achievements AND All Secrets-56

6. Clover
You can get the clover also in the docks. It lets you reshuffle your hand once at the beginning of the match.
All Achievements AND All Secrets-57

7. The cat can die from you sacrificing it
Now I don’t have a screenshot of that, unfortunately. But the cat that has a sigil of unlimited sacrifices actually can only be sacrificed 9 times. On the last life it’s eyes start to bleed and it’s leg becomes a bone. I wish I would have a screenshot for you. If any of you can screenshot it, I would appreciate!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-21The screenshot was made by Djesus Uncrossed. Thank you so much!

Act 3: Unmissable achievements

WARNING: Agonizing Remorse achievement is HIGHLY missable, please read the requirements to get it before proceeding through the chapter (in the “missable achievements” section)

Also if you were struggling with the 2d slider puzzle in Robotopia (like me), then there you go (hover over black square and you’ll see the solution):
All Achievements AND All Secrets-58

All Achievements AND All Secrets-22Essence Capture
Defeat the Photographer.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-23Rank and File
Defeat the Archivist.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-24Painer’s Servant
Defeat the Unfinished Boss.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-25Natural Connection
Defeat G0lly.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-26Balance of Power
Allow P03 to gain control of Inscryption

All Achievements AND All Secrets-27Murder
Witness the death of P03.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-28Dramatic Finale
Complete the finale of Inscryption.

Pls write me in the comment section if any of these parts cased problems and I should add hints or solutions to puzzles!

Act 3: Missable achievements

All Achievements AND All Secrets-29Agonizing Remorse
To get this achievement you have to delete the file after letting it die in a fight against the Archivist. That file that they specifically warned that we have to keep alive.
Thanks to KingusGornLordChefPenglaFengars for the hint!

Also big thank you to JDD who noted that: “While i have not confirmed this, i strongly suspect that you only get it if you delete the file before beating the boss. PO3 comments on it by asking if you expected to get anything for playing by the rules, after which the achievement unlocks. I don’t think you have to delete the .txt file it creates too, but since i did that it would need to be confirmed.”

So to be on the safe side, it’s better to delete it before beating the boss and the .txt file too.

Also, if anybody has good screenshots to attach here about this achievement, I would be grateful to get one!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-20Forgotten Lore
OK, so here’s the map with minimum spoilers (you are welcome) but with all pelt locations! Hope you’ll like it!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-30(Thanks to 4x4cheesecake for discovering the diagonal path!)

The pelt that’s located straight under the start you should buy and I think it might not be there since the very beginning.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-31Grim Pantry
You have to get to bounty rank 3 (by not dying) and then you have to destroy a card of a bounty hunter in a match. Only then you will be granted this achievement.

If you need an infinite fight to get the bounty up, then keep going to an area and back to the initial location to trigger fights.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-59

Act 3: Secrets and cool things that can happen

1. The locked crypt
So if you got the key in Act 2 from offering the obol, now you may enter the crypt and have a rather peculiar and funny interaction. I think you’ll enjoy it!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-60
2. Ourobot
Do you want your OP Ouroboros back? Well, if you go to the Temple of Magicks where the trader used to be, you’ll be able to buy something very expensive to reveal a hint on how to get your Ourobot back.

All Achievements AND All Secrets-61
3. Archivist’s face
GoldenQuazar found out that if you select an image file during stage 1 or start of stage 2 of the boss fight then this picture will be displayed as the Archivist’s face till the end of the fight!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-62
All Achievements AND All Secrets-63

Thanks to Aniyha for the screenshot! and Thanks to TohoTaku for the screenshot! (second phase)
4. Secret Passages.
They are everywhere and you’ve probably already seen the map. But I spend lots of time making it so behold it again!

All Achievements AND All Secrets-30
5. Goo Pillar
To solve the pillar puzzle you must do the following:

1. Set the clock at 1 o’clock.
2. Turn the camera drone and flash it when it’s facing the opposite side (while it’s moving) and look at the thombstone.
3. Solve the card printer puzzle by creating the exact same card as depicted behind on the left of P03.

6. Woodcarver’s face
In Act 3, every now and then you can see the face of the Woodcarver floating in dark corners of the roamable building.
Thanks to KingCorporeal for this secret!

If any of you would be so kind to take a screenshot, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

I think the guide is done. Thank you for reading, supporting and adding to it!

I spend lots of time making it so it would be convenient for you and easy to navigate so if you wanna do something nice for me too, you can check out my vid I made about the Act 1 of the game!

Written by erderithefox