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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Bullet Penetration and Reload Mechanics

Bullet penetration

Bullet penetration is a gameplay mechanic that distinguishes Sandstorm from other games in the genre. Bullets can penetrate a wide variety of surfaces including those meant for cover like sand bags. This mechanic reduces the number of secure areas where players can camp and gives more options to the team attacking the objective. Mobility is also made more valuable as campers or players with a predictable movement pattern can be killed more easily.

Reload mechanics

Insurgency: Sandstorm’s ammo management and reloading mechanics also add to the game’s complexity. For starters, ammo is counted per magazine, not as a whole. A swapped magazine that isn’t empty will be stored for later use as there is a priority to reload full magazines first. To take advantage of these mechanics and work better with the gameplay, there are two types of reload actions.

The standard reload is prompted by pressing the key once and it can be interrupted by movement actions like sprinting or vaulting. Once interrupted, the reload has to be triggered again. For those situations where there isn’t time for interruptions, there is a faster way. The faster reload action is prompted by double tapping the key. However, reloading faster comes with a price as the current magazine is lost in the process together with all the ammo that’s left in it.

The choice between the two reload types depends on the situation. If you have the time, there is no need to rush unless your magazine is empty. However, when the chips are down, don’t hesitate to use the fast reload as it could save your life.

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