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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Explanation of Each Class


The Commander is the leader of the team, with a unique ability to call in fire support if a nearby teammate has a radio.

The Commander’s Role in a Match

The Commander’s role is to provide support to the team whilst at the same time guide the team to victory, the Commander can support the team by using their special fire support abilities if there is a lane where a lot of enemies are coming from you can hit it with a Cannon Strike or a Bombing Drone, the Commander can support the team by communicating with their teammates and figuring out where the best place for them to be is and what they need to do to be most effective.



The Rifleman class is the backbone of the team.

The Rifleman’s Role in a Match

The Rifleman as said are the backbone of the team, they are the main assaulters and defenders and should constantly be on the lookout for objectives that are being captured or need to be defended. This class is fitted more so for close to medium engagements.


There isn’t much I can think of to say about the Breacher except that they are a Rifleman but with a Shotgun or SMG.

If you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the Comments


The Marksman is the sharpshooter of the team and has access to a small variety of long rifles.

The Role of a Marksman in a match

The Marksman (though I don’t recommend it as maps aren’t too big) is a large support role if done correctly in a match and could even turn the match around if you’re really good at it, the Marksman should be in a position where they can’t be easily spotted but also can easily spot and eliminate the enemy.


The Gunner Class is specialized in providing suppressive fire with his light machine gun and providing smoke cover for friendly units to advance.

The Gunner’s Role in a match

As stated above the Gunner’s main responsibility to provide fire support with their selected light machine gun to suppress enemies to help friendlies advance and capture objectives, or they can set up within an objective and hold a door or stairway and prevent enemies from advancing through.

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The Advisor is a class like a Rifleman but equipped with Special weaponry.

Like the Breacher, the Advisor is a glorified Rifleman with different weapons.


The Demolitions class is the explosives expert of the team.

The Demolition’s role in a match

The Demolitions person on the team is responsible for, like the Gunner, provide fire support with explosives instead of an LMG, they can either hit an objective that has many people defending it and attempt to hit a couple people, or after securing an objective they can set explosives in the building for unsuspecting victims to run over them.

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1 thought on “Insurgency: Sandstorm – Explanation of Each Class”

  1. One thing about the breacher is that they can carry remote explosives which is really useful for clearing points, as well as giving up the ground floor of the objective and then wiping out whoever comes in. They also have access to a short barreled rifle that lets them act like a rifleman with a bit shorter effective range instead of a reckless idiot, or close quarters specialist depending on your perspective, like me.

    Functionally, they’ve got the objective taking and holding job of the rifleman like you said but have a bit more effectiveness in close quarters at the cost of being able to fight in the open unless they take the SBR or slugs from the shotgun (the MP7 is nominally effective out to 131 meters but the low bullet damage and high rate of fire dampen its effectiveness).

    I’d say they’re less a rifleman with a slightly altered kit, more so the tip of the spear for taking a point, the last line of defense for holding it, and skirmishers when they run a suppressed loadout. They’re also a way to make the more aggressive players into a team asset rather than a liability.


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