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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Helpful Co-op Knowledge

Hot Potato!

Some grenades are not cooked, and will lay there for a while after they land. Others are fully cooked and explode right after landing. The rest are in between.

Take the chance that the live grenade rolling to a stop in front of you is not cooked! 😀 Pick it up to throw it away – hopefully towards the enemy! That choice could save your teammates. Of course you want to help your teammates, so do this:

Look down at the grenade and press F to pick it up. You will automatically trigger an animation that throws it away from you, so be sure to think ahead! Position yourself so that once you do pick up the nade you’ll throw it towards the enemy, or at least away from your friends.

You must be swift! Sometimes you’ll die anyway if the nade was cooked too long.

Grenade Cooking

If you right-click for a short underhand throw, then left-click to cook.
If you left-click for a long overhanded throw, then right-click to cook.

Kicking Doors Down

Kick a door open with the middle mouse button.

Conversely, have a door kicked open on you, and it will KILL YOU.

Stay away from doors unless you plan to open them or kick them down. If an enemy kicks open a door while you’re standing on the other side of it, your disappointment will be immeasurable and your day will be ruined.

Downing a Helicopter

Helicopters are only called by Security forces. Playing as the Insurgent class, you’ll find yourself at the business end of some seriously tough helicopters.

Playing as Security, of course, those same helicopters hardly ever earn their keep! The occasional 8-10 kill streak happens, but most times they die from the godlike precision of a bot that shoots ’em down 4 seconds after appearing.

Your best chance of taking down a heli as an Insurgent is by hitting it with an RPG. Your other chance is by shooting its rotors with a machine gun. It takes a lot of shots, but it’s possible to down a heli with a machine gun simply by targeting its rotors.

IED & Bomber Drones

Insurgent class can and do call in drones through windows, into the building you think you’re safe in. This almost always happens during a counterattack, AFAIK.
Try to shoot down drones. YMMV. Good luck!

Destroy Ammo Caches

You noticed that some points don’t need to be capped; they must be destroyed. Either stand over the cache and hold F to slowly attach a makeshift IED, or get out of the way and let someone with an incendiary, molotov, IED, or grenades take out the cache faster.

It takes 2 grenades, or 1 of the other devices, to destroy a cache.

Commander + Observer

The Security Commander uses the O key to call in A10 gun runs, miniguns, explosive ordinance, smoke mortars and a badass helicopter run with an initial rocket strike + 30mm cannons.

The Insurgent Commander also uses the O key to call in bomber drone strikes, smoke mortars, chemical mortars (gas mask may be required!), and more!

The idea is for the Observer/Radioman to stay near the Commander so that the Commander can call in airstrikes. The reality is that the Commander usually doesn’t call in squat, or if she does, she’s new and she’s calling in the wrong solution to the wrong target at the wrong time, and teammates die as a direct result of the Commander’s actions.

As an Observer, it’s your job to just sit back and watch the sh!tshow unfold. Just observe.

A good Commander + Observer duo can turn the tide of war and lead the charge to victory.

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