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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Objectives


Objectives are represented on HUD with icons overlayed with its designated letter. Objectives are generally territorial or destructible.

Territorial Objectives

Territorial objectives are represented with circular icons. In order to capture, you and any number of teammates must stay in the objective until the progress reaches 100%.

Objectives can be blocked from capture by members of the owning team (ie. defenders) standing in the objective. If the number of attackers outnumber the defenders they will still make progress towards the objective but once the capture progress reaches 100% any defending players will need to be cleared off the point to finalize the capture.

When attackers and defenders have equal number of players on the point, the capture progress will be frozen and will be shown as a STALEMATE on the HUD.

Destructible Objectives

Weapon Caches and Fuel Trucks are objectives that must be either protected or destroyed by players. They can be destroyed with C4, IEDs, rocket launchers or any other explosive.

For weapon caches, if you do not have any explosive, you can interact “rig” a weapon cache to blow by going up to it, pressing and holding F (use key). Once rigging is complete the player will receive a detonator which must be used in order to blow the cache up.

Fuel Trucks, unlike caches can be destroyed through weapon fire although this takes a lot more damage to accomplish. Like caches, fuel trucks can be interacted with by pressing and holding the use key. Once progress is complete, the fuel truck’s fuel will be depleted which will disable the objective.

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