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INVAXION – Secret Achievements

A list of the secret achievements in INVAXION and how to get them.

Secret Achievements

Just Remember the Map
Use Ledysice (The autoplay character).

Lucky Aura
Complete a trinity song use Ciel

1/30000 of your life
Play for 24 hours, you degenerate lol.
Once you hit 24 hours on steam, you’ll need to restart your game to get this.
(Or you’ll simply get it next time you start the game.)

Play the song Kronos using the WonderParade ship/theme.
You need 4 friends to unlock this ship, add me if you don’t have enough friends yet!
(TheMedic is my username)

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Also, if you want to add me in-game, my username is TheMedic. I want to make more friends who play this game!

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